Monday, September 1, 2014

Wet Week!

Dear Family,

Sorry my email last week was kind of lame. I didn't have very much time to write but this week i have a ton of time. So to answer your questions. First off, The scriptures would be for member that asked if i had a quad that i could give to him because he reads and studies the scriptures in English. He is one of the coolest members i have ever met. He has a very strong testimony of the Gospel and has seem many miracles in his 20 years as a convert member. In fact just yesterday we went and visited him for a little bit and he told us a story. And this is his story.

"One day a little boy went up to his dad and asked; Dad can we be without sin for a year? And the dad thought for a second and said, No we cant. So the boy left. Then he returned and asked; Dad, can we be without sin for a month? The dad thought for a second and said, No we cant. The boy left again but when he returned he asked another question. Dad, can we be without sin for a week? The dad thought for a minute and said, No we cant. The boy left thinking about the answer the answer his father gave him. When the boy returned he said; Dad, can we be without sin for a day? The day once again said, No we cant. So the boy asked for a fifth time; Dad, can we be without sin for an hour? The thought for a little bit and said, No i don't think we can. So the boy left more perplexed. When he finally returned he asked; Dad, can we be without sin for a minute? The dad thought for a while then said, Yes i believe we can if we strive hard enough to master our thoughts and actions for a minute. The boy then replied, Then why don't live life minute by minute."

This is a great story and has a great moral to it. If we strive minute by minute we can try to control our thoughts and actions. The only problem is that man lives for the long run and doesn't think of the minute to minute stuff. We also talked about how at the moment that you take the Sacrament you are perfect for a just a minute until our carnal state once again fails and we sin again. But we can learn day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute to master our bodies. It will take a lot of strength and it will not be achieved in this life but it CAN be achieved.

It was a really cool meeting we had with him. Then we had some really good lessons too. We have two investigators that have a religious background. One is a seventh day Adventist and the other is in a baptist church. So they have great questions and really want to learn about the gospel. It is really awesome. 

On Sunday we had two reactivation s. A Sister and her Daughter. They have been coming to church for a while and we are working with the husband to get him baptized. But he thinks that all of the churches are the same so its a little difficult but its possible.

Today for P-Day we played basketball for the first time in my whole mission. it was awesome. Now we are just sitting in a cyber writing our families. Also im sorry mom but i cant send photos right now because both of the cards i have for my camera received a virus so i lost all of my pictures for my whole mission. But we are going to an investigator tonight that says that he can save our lost photos. So we are paying and hoping that he can.

Well have a great week and a great school year. Send a shout out to the whole family for me.

Love, Elder Ashworth

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