Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear Family,

Well we had changes this week and i stayed in my ward and got a new companion. He is from Peru and his name is Elder Vasquez. He was in my group from the MTC and he is pretty awesome. We are walking all over the place trying to find people to teach and share the gospel with them. 

My week went pretty good. It was the independence day parties and everything so we walked a lot because everybody went out of town or had family over so they were busy. But we had a great week and ate empanadas and lots of BBQs. I dont really have anything else that happened this week it was a pretty normal boring week. Mostly because lots of people were out of town.

Sorry this email is a little short and is really lame but i will try to do better next week.

As for All you there in the family. I haven't seen a picture of the picture of the family since i left. I would like to see a picture of all of the family so that i can see if anybody has changed over the last year. And im trying to send photos but my computer isn't accepting the USB with my pictures on it. Its really lame. 

Anyways love you all and talk to you all later!
Elder Ashworth

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