Sunday, November 30, 2014


Family and Friends,

This last week was interesting. We had a great week but something crazy happened on Saturday.

On thursday and friday they were just normal days full of lessons and everything. But on friday we had a lesson with a new investigator and her inactive husband. and we ate completo, which are like hotdogs but better. And the lesson was great. It was very spiritual and they loved it. And when we returned home i started to feel sick. I dont know what happened but i had been feeling weird all day. and finally in the house i just got sick to my stomach. But we did all of our planning and went to bed. I figured i would just sleep it off like everything else. Well i didnt sleep at all. At 1 in the morning i had a meeting with the bathroom and it was coming out of both ends! Then at 2 in the morning also. Then a third time at 4 in the morning. Then for the whole day saturday i was in bed sick. I would sleep for an hour and a half and go in to use the bathroom. Then sleep and do it all over again. I only threw up 3 times in the night but i was completely without strength all day saturday. I even only ate 6 crackers all day. But now im fine. I think i got food poisoning from something i ate. But my comp ate the same stuff and he didnt have problems. So i think something flew onto my food.

But then on sunday we had an investigator come to church. Her name in Maria Teresa and she even brought her husband who hasn't listened to any of our lessons yet but has promised us to listen to the next one. Then we changed the baptismal date of Amber to December 20. So we are trying to help her get there. Then today we played soccer and enjoyed the sun. 

Thanks for the package it got here. And Mom, i will be sending you a letter next week so it will arrive as a belated birthday letter but i dont have anywhere to send one off close by. So have a a great week and Love you All!!

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ashworth

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Really Hot Week

Dear Family and Friends,
This last week was a great week. But it was also really hot! we were about 90 degrees everyday. Until yesterday when we woke up to cloud cover and a strong wind. But by after lunch the sun had come out and it was hot again. So while you are all freezing up there im cooking down here. But is pretty nice, I already have a great tan because where my watch is its really white and the rest of my arm is dark. So this will be a really long, hot summer down here.
This last week we had a really busy week. We were running all over the place to get to appointments and everything. So today we just kind of sat back and relaxed in the house and ate tacos. But we are seeing lots of progress now in the ward. Lots of people are helping us and we are finding new people every week.
Also about 2 weeks, i forgot to put this in my last email, We had a meeting with Elder Nelson of the twelve, Elder Christensen of the Seventy, and Elder Viñas of the Seventy, and their respective wives. It was a great conference. we got shake everyone of their hands. Elder Nelson took the time to shake every missionaries hand. It was pretty cool. And then they talked about missionary work and our premortal existence. And how if we could see what we were during that time we would be amazed. So we need to work very hard in this life to live u p to who we were before this life. Because we ahve a mission here and every minute counts.
This saturday we ahve a meeting with Elder Evans of the seventy. We will be talking about a project we are doing here in my mission and in three other missions. It is called the Pilot Plan. And if it works well they will be instituting it in all the missions. So we will see what happens this saturday.
Last Sunday i also had to give a talk in church. They didnt tell me what i had to talk on so i gave it in missionary work. it was a good tlk because after we had a meeting with some missionaries from the office of the mission. It was about having an open house in the chapel for investigators and peoplel from of the street and how we can do missionary work with the members. So it wasnt even planned but it worked out great.
well i wish you guys all a great week and have fun in the snow and cold!
Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Friday, November 14, 2014

First Week in Los Olmos

Family and Friends,

This week was great. There is a lot of work here in Los Olmos. We set a baptismal date with an investigator named Amber. She is really excited to get baptized and live the Gospel. We also found a really good new investigator named Jairo that wants to change and receive salvation. We had an investigator named Maria Teresa who attended church on Sunday after we visited her with the president of the Relief Society. Then to finish it off we have a recent convert named Marcia who is Blind. So we teach her and she writes in braille so she can study it later. Its really cool.

My comp is awesome and we are doing well. We are enjoying the time together and we like some of the same stuff. So he is from my group in the MTC and his name is Elder Peterson. He is with me in the photo. Thats all i have for this week but i attached alot of photos so i hope you all like them.

Love you all,

Elder Ashworth

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was changes and it was a huge surprise. I got changed out of my ward Los cAstaños. I thought i still had 6 more weeks there. But things changed. Im now in the ward Los Olmos which is in my old Zone El Bosque and it touches my last ward boundries. It is a really small mission. Im with a gringo missionary named Elder Peterson. He was also in my groupp in the MTC and i met him in the airport in Utah. So ive just been with the same missionaries that i spent the time in the MTC with. we are having a great time. And we are in a great ward.

Today we went and hiked a mountain that had a tiny waterfall at teh end. It was really pretty. Just a bunch of desert mountains. But hey, At least i got to go to the mountains. But it was very hot today and i have some really pretty pictures but forgot the adapter for my camera in the house. So next time i will send photos. 

Nothing else really hapened this week. But this Saturday we have a meeting with Elder Nelson and other general authorites. It will be a good one. 

And lastly this one is for mom. You are more trunky then i am. It would make someone think that you want me to come home. But i still have 10 more months to go and im going to enjoy every minute of it.
Love you all and have a great week,
Elder Ashworth

Pastor Evangelical

October 29th, 2014

Family and Friends,

Sorry the subject is in spanish. Im not sure how to say that in english :)

This week was great. We got to do a service for a pastor of a church here in our sector. We went and cleaned up the land that his church is on. Then he fed us lunch and has invited us to a dinner with him and his family. It was really great.

Also we are seeing more progress here in our sector. More and more people are showing up to church which is a good thing. Also we are having a great time. A sister gave us a ton of meat to have a BBQ today. Its like 5 pounds of beef loins (not sure if that is correct) But it will be delicious.

Everything is going great here and im getting darker everyday. The sun is so strong down here. But i love you all and talk to you next week.

Elder Ashworth