Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello to All!

This week was pretty good. It was a little slower then the last one but had some good times. We are still having a hard time getting with one of our investigators because everybody works day and night here. Its crazy but what they have to do to support a family. 

This last Sunday i went to church and heard a miracle story. There is a brother in my ward that we reactivated. He has arthritis and can barely walk and cant grab anything with his left hand. Well Saturday night he was having a lot of pain in his left hand so he put it between is triple and bible and straightened his fingers out with a lot of pressure. He then prayed to have the pain go away in his hand. After a long time like that he removed the books and his fingers were straight and he didn't have any pain. When he woke up in the morning he still didn't have any pain in his hand, and his knees and shoulders didn't have any pain either. It was the first time i have ever seen him full of energy and pain free. He was jumping and running around and is a man of about 65 years. it was amazing to hear the story and the power of prayer. he sees it as Gods way of healing him so he can work better in the church. Talk about a miracle. 

Then i was also assigned as the Second Counselor to the Bishop in my ward this Sunday. This will be fun :). Then in my Sunday school class i shared about testimonies. I shared Alma 11:39-41, Alma 12:1, and Alma 15:13. This is part of the story of Alma, Amulek and Zeezrom. it talks about how the testimony of Amulek made Zeezrom tremble then Zeezrom was baptized and preached the word of God. He was an anti.christ that was changed by a pure testimony. It is a great example of how important our testimonies are. As a missionary i share mine every day. And i challenge you all to share yours this fast Sunday and in family home evening.

Thats all i have for you all this week,
Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Changes Again!!

Hey ya`ll!

Well we had changes again today but i stayed in the same ward and im with the same companion for at least another 6 weeks. Its great this ward is amazing. The people help the missionaries and the bishop is really into the missionary work.

As for our investigator his name is Cristobal and he is progressing really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is really excited about the Gospel. Its great to see how excited he is. I just hope that everything works out and that he can join with us in the church through the waters of baptism and the baptism by fire. It is great to see just how the Gospel changes the lives of the people. 

Im loving it down here and am learning so much. i can see just how the Gospel of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ has shaped my life. And how  it is still shaping my life today. I can see the touch of the Master`s Hand in this work, The Work of Salvation. Sometimes it can be tough but it helps if we just remember that it wasnt easy for Christ when he had to carry his own cross up the hill to be crucified after being whipped. Or how it wasnt easy for Joseph Smith when he was in Liberty Jail and the church was hasving lots of problems. Or even when Joseph died with his brother Hyrum to restore this Gospel that we have on the earth today. The only person that did more more the salvation of man on this earth was Jesus Christ. If it wasnt easy for them, why would it be easy for us? Jeffery R Holland Said, "Salvation is not a cheap experiance." That is why its not easy for us. Hang in there and the blessings of eternal life and exaltation will come.

Love you all and talk to you all next week!
Elder Ashworth

Some local art I found engraved on copper plates.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8 Months Out

Family and Friends,

It was great talking to you guys this last Sunday for mother´s Day. It was nice to see just how you are all doing. I also completed 8 months in the mission on Sunday. I Cant Believe IT! It passed by super fast and the rest will pass by just as fast. 

Well this last week we had two great lessons with one fo our investigators. We first taught him about the Book of Mormon and he was super excited to read the Book because he was interested in the stories that are in it. Then we had a Family night with them and the family of his wife. The family of his wife are members and they go to church every sunday. The Family Night was amazing. We taught the first little bit of the Plan of Salvation. We taught the preearth life, the creation, Adam and Eve and the fall and the ability to choose, and Our life on this Earth. He understood why we have agency and why it was important that Adam and Eve fell and that it wasnt a sin. The family really helped out too. They bore their testimonies and he seemed to have a good time. The only discouraging part is that they didnt show up on Sunday for church. But we have another appointment with them tomorrow so we will see what happened. 

This week has been full of activities and teaching. We have been seeing how the ward is really starting to be more unified and how they are helping the missionaries more with the work of Salvation. Its great to see a ward grow and strengthen. 

Well this next week is changes so i might be leaving my sector next monday. I will know this friday if i stay or if i go. I will let you all know what happens.

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

P.S. We found a guy that makes copper pictures. Each on is hand made and unique. They are awesome. They cost about 300 dollars for the big one.


Friday, May 9, 2014


Dear family,

Well, i would like to start out by saying great job to all of you who danced this last weekend that are in my family. you guys TOTALLY ROCKED the dance floor (or so i was told). And thanks for all of the support i get from all of you.

This week was pretty good. we got a new investigator that is really promising. He wants to become closer to God and came to church this last Sunday. But other then that the week was pretty much the same. Except that yesterday we walked all day long and didn't get into one house. It was crazy and my feet were killing me. But after a good nights sleep i was all ready to go in the morning! Today we went to Santa Lucia again and summit-ed the hill there. its really cool because it has a castle on top. 

Well that's all i really have for this week. I'm sorry its really short but things are just staying the same. Its crazy just how fast things are flying by also. 

Cant wait to talk to you guys this Sunday and i love you all!
Elder Ashworth

P.S. I cant remember if i told you guys but, I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish about 2 weeks ago! Its awesome to be able to understand everything.