Sunday, August 24, 2014

A great Week

Dear Family,

This week was super great. I would like to tell all about it but i don't have lots of time to write today. We started to write late so this is going to really short. But i will fill you all the next week.

First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my mom and dad. You guys are great!!!!! i wouldn't be where I'm at without you guys!!! Love you!!!

Second we had interviews with President Cook again this week and they were awesome as always. We have a vision for the mission and it is to be 100% consecrated to the work. And i know that we can do it as a mission because we are ready to it. We are all in accord with our vision for the mission. 

Everything is going good here in the sector and ward. The investigators are progressing and the less actives are coming to church. I'm doing great and an really excited to keep working. I even think that i have been losing weight. Everybody tells me that I'm skinnier. It is awesome. I guess that all of those ab workouts are working. 

Anyways that's my week. So till next week. Love you All!!!!!!

and again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Love Elder Ashworth,

P.S. Pics will be coming soon.

Monday, August 18, 2014

11 Months and a Science Museum

Dear Family,

I have officially hit my 11 month mark and if we go by the date that i go home i have 11 1/2 months. But whose counting?

Anyways this last week was really great. We found another new family of investigators. Their names are Sandra and Washington. They are really great and told us that we can pass by whenever we want too and we will be welcomed in to their house. when we back to teach them we talked about the Restoration of the Gospel and we answered a bunch of questions because the husband knows a lot about the Bible. But that's ok because it makes it just that much more fun.

As for me and Elder Thompson we are doing well. We have now just finished a half of his training and i cant believe it. And to make things even more complicated i have been called to be District Leader now. So it will be a new challenging experience but im ready for the challenge and the fun times i will have. I just hope that i can do my best and help the good Elders that i will have in my District.

Then today we went to a science museum of Chile. It was really cool. It had a bed of nails. A place that simulates an earthquake. Things about electricity and all kinds of cool sciency stuff. There were even these tube things that we could run in and they felt really weird.

But thats all that i have for this week. And would just like to share a thought with you all. If we read in 1 Nephi 7:17 it talks about when Nephi prayed for strength. we need to pray for strength always because Jesus will help us, but he wont do it for us. He will put in the extra strength that we don't have when we give our all.

Love you all and have a great week.
Elder Ashworth

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A long week but a good one

Dear Family,

Well, as you all know my P-Day has been changed to Wednesdays. We got it changed so we can go to the temple more often and visit museums and zoos. So we will doing more stuff now to get to know Chile and more about the temples.

As for this week we had a great week. We had tons of people show up to sacrament meeting and stay the whole time. We have been seeing alot of growth in this sector in just the 5 weeks that we have been here. And we still have 7 more weeks to go. 

Yesterday we had a great experience. The first one was that my companion had his first discussion with a Jehovah witness. That's always fun. But the really big on is that we found we a new investigator. 

We were doing contacts and we were both kind of down because nothing had happened all day. Well we knocked on a door and a man comes out wearing a Green Bay Packers hat. SO i start to ask him about the Packers and if he likes them. He said that he lived in the states for 9 years but now lives here in chile. We kept talking to him and then he just opened the gate and said, ¨Enter¨. He then told his family that we were friends. We just taken back that we got into a house that easy. So then we started to speak about the gospel. WE taught the entire lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel and he accepted everything until we said that angels came down from heaven to give the priesthood to Joseph Smith. Because then he had objections the angels cant visit the world and that when we die we are DEAD!! But we shared some scriptures with him from the bible and he said that he will study it out and ask God. After ward we shared a little bit with his family because they gave us once, which is like dinner but very late.(and you pronounce it like the word 11 in spanish). But it was great because he was interested and wants to know the truth. He is an adventista and knows the bible so his questions are really challenging because he knows where to find them in the bible. But that always makes it even more fun. 

Well that was my fun day yesterday.
Elder Ashworth

A Very Successful Week

Dear Family,

Well this week was full of things to do. First off i will tell you all that i am doing great. Also i miss carpeted floors and central heating but those are only small insignificant things since we are almost never in the house.

This last week we had Zone Conference. It was a really good one, as always. President Cook talked about the Trinity and Baptism. When he talked about the Trinity he talked about how we need to know who God is and Jesus Christ before we can really under stand the Gospel. Because in this day and age people dont understand fully who God and Jesus are. Meany people dont believe in God and oonly think that Jesus came down and died for us and that we will all be saved. Jusst to prove this point i will tell you two stories. 

One day we talked to man that told us that Jesus died in Getsemani and not on the Cross. So he doesnt understand who Jesus is. Another lady told us that she believes in Jesus not Christ because Christ was and Jesus is and God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are all Jesus. SO once again she is a little confused. So we all to study up on who God is, who Jesus is, and who the Holy GHost is. 

Also something else that he told us is that we have three fathers. I have the father of my flesh, which is my dad Doug Ashworth. Then i have the father of my spirit, which is our Heavenly Father. Lastly i have the father of the covenant, which is Jesus Christ. So Jesus Christ is also our father we should address him as such after baptism because we 'take his name upon us' when we are baptized.

Then this last wednesday we committed our investigator Marcos to baptism and he said that when he recieves an answer that the Book of Mormon is true he will be baptized without question. Which is way cool, so we are working with him on that. He also read and prayed about the Book of Mormon but hasnt recieved his answer yet. Then on Friday we took him and his family to the temple and they really enjoyed it and we had a great lesson on the temple and testimonies. I know that he will be baptized it just may not be on the date that we set with him. But he is super ready to change and has tons and tons of questions.

On thursday we had divisions and i went with an Elder named Elder Woodis who goes home in 2 weeks. I learned alot about how i can better myself. We also found a new Less Active member to teach. His name is Ernesto and he is super ready also. He invited right into his house and we shared with him and he invited us back. He said that when they inactivated he was a little kid so he doesnt remember much. But he has lots of questions too. 

To top of the week we had a super long, super tiring day Saturday. We had an activity with the youth of our stake saturday morning at 830. We went and took the youth with us to work for about 2 hours. Then me and my companion had to go to the temple to meet Marcos and his family there. Which is an hour and a half in metro and we left at 2 and we had to meet them at 3. It was a strech but we made it. Then we had a priesthood meeting that night at 6 back in our stake center which is where we started our day. Afterward we had some appointment we had to do and we finally entered into the house at 1030. It was a very long but successful day. 

Thats my crazy week for you guys. And you said that you were going to send another package eventually. Well when you send it i would like some fruit snacks and fruit by the foot because you cant find it down here. Thanks and i love you all.

Elder Ashworth