Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Well, the first thing i have to say is ¡¡¡¡VIVA CHILE!!!! Chile has made it into the semi-finals of the world cup. So they have a chance to win it all! We will see what happens when they play today. I had no idea that soccer was suh a big deal down here in South America but its crazy. The people are fanatics and we have to stay inside of our house when Chile plays just for the fanatics. But its a neat experience to feel the energy in the people who support their team.

This week has been just another normal week and not much happened. We did go to the temple this last wednesday and it was really awesome as always. It really helped to be in the temple and feel the peace that we all feel there.Its a place that we should all strive to go.

Also this next monday is changes again so we will see if im changed or not. I have 6 months in the sector that im in now so its very possible that i will be leaving. I will let you all know the next monday.

Thats all that i have for this week. I hope that your trips go well and that everything works out with grandma wolff. Good Luck and i love you all!

Love, Elder Ashworth

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dear family and friends,

Happy Belated Fathers Day!!!!! To the best father in the world!!

Well this last was pretty good. We are still going strong. Except for the fact that we learned that Cristobal moved on Saturday to a different sector which really put a bummer on things. Right after he told us that he was moving my companion said "Well, this sucks. Talk about discouraging." It didnt help that he was/is our only investigator at the moment. But then he told us that he still want the lessons from us so he will be recieveing them in the house of his mother in law and will be attending our ward. So that helped a little bit. we still have him to teach.

Then we had the soccer game of Chile in the world cup. It was crazy. Chile won their game so people were screaming and partying until like 12 at night and the game ended at about 9 oclock. We also couldn't be outside during the game or after so we just sat inside of the house Friday afternoon. But it was ok. 

The only other thing that happened was that i completed 9 months on the mission last Wednesday. Wow! How the time just passes by but i still have awhile to go. 

Thanks for all that you guys do for me and the advice that you give me. And for sharing your experiences with me. Keep going strong and love the Lord.

Love, Elder Ashworth

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rain, Rain, and more RAIN

Dear Family and friends,

This week was a pretty good week. We didn't get to meet with our investigator because he was really busy with work and his car died so he had to be in the mechanics for a while. But other then that everything is going good. This last week we did a lot of contacts. And as always i have some stories. One old guy told me to leave or he was going to call the cops. Then the next house we went too, a dog came to the front from around back and lifted his leg to pee on my foot. Lets just say that it was a Great Day to do contacts. Then to make things better it was raining too. But that's the mission for you. And i love it.

It rained 3 days this last week and for two days in a row. It made for some really cold days. Because when it rains here the temperatures drop and its pretty humid so the cold air just enters into everything. it did help to get into houses because the people felt bad because we were outside.

Then this last Sunday we had about 35 people in our ward because it was raining. But it was really good. I had to give a 15 minute talk with 15 minutes to prepare. Its a good thing i can now talk for 15 minutes on about whatever topic i want to that has to deal with the church. After sacrament i had a good lesson with the youth in our sunday school class. It was about following the counsel of your priesthood leaders. I was told it was a good lesson.

Its great to hear that all of you are doing well and are healthy there in Rexburg. Enjoy this week and have fun!

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Sunday, June 8, 2014

JUNE 1ST: Conducting Sacrament Meeting?

Dear Family,

Well, this last week was pretty good. We visited quite a few people and were constantly busy. We are having a little trouble though because its hard to meet with our investigator that is doing really well, also we haven't seen him at church lately, which is a bummer. But we are still trying to help along the path. Its not easy to change your style of life to follow the Gospel sometimes. so we just have to be there to help them as much as we can. 

Also this last Sunday i got to conduct sacrament meeting. My very first time doing it and it had to be Spanish. But it went good and the bishop said i did a great job. It was interesting to see just how things have changed. I no longer have a fear to stand up in front of a bunch of people and talk, let alone talk in Spanish. But it has been crazy to be the young mens first counselor and second counselor to the bishop. I'm constantly running around trying to help the youth and helping all the other people in the ward. but i like it and i enjoy helping the people. And yes dad, you are correct. i ended up in a bishopric before you did. No, you can rub it in :) But its really not that bad.

Well that's all that i have for this week. Sorry its really short but sometime things are just same here on the mission.

Love you all, Elder Ashworth