Sunday, September 14, 2014

1 Year!!

Dear Family,

I have made it 1 YEAR!! Sunday at church an investigator asked me how much time i have on the mission and i told him 1 year. He then said, yup you have the face of, I dont want to go home. So thats a good sign it means that i love it here!!

First to answer your questions. The weather here is warming up a little but it still rains a little and gets cold at night. We are still in the winter months till the end of September. Everything i have is holding up fine. My glasses are good, my clothes are good (just a few tears), and my bag is fine because i havent used it because its huge and a little too nice for the area that im serving in. Yes i do brush and floss and i believe i have had a little problem with bed bugs but they went away so its nothing to worry about.

As for my week this week not much happened. We spent a lot of time in the house because of Elder Thompson's foot. He is now in the office because he cant put weight on it, its an order from the doctor, so i couldn't finish his training but i know that he will be fine. So now im in a trio with the other Elders in my ward. Its really interesting because now three have to talk and we have to join our schedules with the people that we teach and everything. But other then that our week was really good. We got to go to a BBQ for the festivals for Independence day of Chile for the Stake and we played volleyball and ate BBQ chicken. 

Now for tonight and tomorrow we have to stay in the house because its another holiday in Chile where it gets kinda crazy. But its all good, we have to deep clean our house tomorrow.

Well thats all i got for this week. Have a great week and i love you all.

Elder Ashworth

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