Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear Family,

Well we had changes this week and i stayed in my ward and got a new companion. He is from Peru and his name is Elder Vasquez. He was in my group from the MTC and he is pretty awesome. We are walking all over the place trying to find people to teach and share the gospel with them. 

My week went pretty good. It was the independence day parties and everything so we walked a lot because everybody went out of town or had family over so they were busy. But we had a great week and ate empanadas and lots of BBQs. I dont really have anything else that happened this week it was a pretty normal boring week. Mostly because lots of people were out of town.

Sorry this email is a little short and is really lame but i will try to do better next week.

As for All you there in the family. I haven't seen a picture of the picture of the family since i left. I would like to see a picture of all of the family so that i can see if anybody has changed over the last year. And im trying to send photos but my computer isn't accepting the USB with my pictures on it. Its really lame. 

Anyways love you all and talk to you all later!
Elder Ashworth

Over The Hill - Sept 17, 2014

Dear Family,


As for my week it was pretty good. AS you all know i have been in a trio as a companionship because Elder Thompson had to go to the office for his foot. Hes doing great but just has to take it easy for a few weeks.

AS for me, im doing great. My health is good just a Little more fatter, Thats all. Ive gained about 10 kilos on my misión so far. I guess i need to lay off the bread and Coca-Cola. We had a great week. We cleaned our house and painted it so now its looks way better. Also yesterday we got to be in a conference with an Area Authority and on sunday we had stake conference with another área authority. They are both members of the seventy. Its soo cool to hear them speak. They definatley have testimonies and know how to help us understand the Doctrine of Christ better.

Toda we went to the temple and its always cool to go there. I felt the spirit and it was a great way to recharge the spiritual batteries. I encourage everyone to attend the temple at least 1 time every month. We can learn so much in the temple and in this way we are the closest to heaven as we can get. It always helps us to recharge and to fight against the things of this world that are out there to make us fall.

As for me i have begun the descent of the hill. Everyone is telling me that i have reached the Summit and its all down hill from here. I guess i have to make it better then last year. Well i wish you all a great week and good luck!!

Love you All,
Elder AShworth

Sunday, September 14, 2014

1 Year!!

Dear Family,

I have made it 1 YEAR!! Sunday at church an investigator asked me how much time i have on the mission and i told him 1 year. He then said, yup you have the face of, I dont want to go home. So thats a good sign it means that i love it here!!

First to answer your questions. The weather here is warming up a little but it still rains a little and gets cold at night. We are still in the winter months till the end of September. Everything i have is holding up fine. My glasses are good, my clothes are good (just a few tears), and my bag is fine because i havent used it because its huge and a little too nice for the area that im serving in. Yes i do brush and floss and i believe i have had a little problem with bed bugs but they went away so its nothing to worry about.

As for my week this week not much happened. We spent a lot of time in the house because of Elder Thompson's foot. He is now in the office because he cant put weight on it, its an order from the doctor, so i couldn't finish his training but i know that he will be fine. So now im in a trio with the other Elders in my ward. Its really interesting because now three have to talk and we have to join our schedules with the people that we teach and everything. But other then that our week was really good. We got to go to a BBQ for the festivals for Independence day of Chile for the Stake and we played volleyball and ate BBQ chicken. 

Now for tonight and tomorrow we have to stay in the house because its another holiday in Chile where it gets kinda crazy. But its all good, we have to deep clean our house tomorrow.

Well thats all i got for this week. Have a great week and i love you all.

Elder Ashworth

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Wonderful Week!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a great, wonderful week! To start off i will start at last wednesday. So, on wednesday we played basketball and during the game i hurt my finger. Well when i woke up the next day it was purple and swollen. So i called the doctor and they sent me to the hospital to get an x-ray. In the hospital a nurse came in and asked me what happened. I told her and then she left. About 2 minutes later another the doctor came in and asked what happened. I told him and he left. In two minutes more another nurse came in and asked what happened. So i told her and she left. Then about 15 minutes later another nurse showed up with a wheelchair and told me to sit down so she could take me to get the x-rays. I looked at her and said, "its just my finger." And she answered, "yes i know but please sit down." So i got a wheelchair ride with a hurt finger. After the x-rays i had to walk back to my room, I wanted to yell, "TAXI" and wait for my wheelchair but there was none. After all was said and done i had fractured my finger. So thats how my week started.

Then we had two days full of walking because nobody was home. Buts thats usual so we didnt lose our enthusiasm. Then yesterday we had to go to the doctor for my companions foot. We had to go get x-rays again but at a different clinic. And he had walk to get x-rays on his foot while i got a wheelchair to get x-rays for my finger. We were laughing at the irony of the two situations. And in the end nothing had happened to his foot. So thats ok. But it was a wonderful week!

As for lessons we had a lesson with an investigator that was listening but only with his ears and not his heart. So he doesnt want to believe. He started to counter everything we had to say. So i closed my scriptures, looked him straight in the eyes and bore my testimony. He got all quiet and didnt say a word because every time he tried to say to say something i would just keep bearing my testimony. Then when i finished my companion bore his and we ended with a prayer. I could tell that the man was a little taken back but he invited us back to speak more about the gospel. Its amazing the power of testimony. Just like in the Book of Alma. He used a pure testimony to convert Zeezrom, the antichrist. He was eventually baptized and ended up preaching the word of God.

So that was our week. I hope you all have a great week. And Good luck with your ride on Saturday!

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wet Week!

Dear Family,

Sorry my email last week was kind of lame. I didn't have very much time to write but this week i have a ton of time. So to answer your questions. First off, The scriptures would be for member that asked if i had a quad that i could give to him because he reads and studies the scriptures in English. He is one of the coolest members i have ever met. He has a very strong testimony of the Gospel and has seem many miracles in his 20 years as a convert member. In fact just yesterday we went and visited him for a little bit and he told us a story. And this is his story.

"One day a little boy went up to his dad and asked; Dad can we be without sin for a year? And the dad thought for a second and said, No we cant. So the boy left. Then he returned and asked; Dad, can we be without sin for a month? The dad thought for a second and said, No we cant. The boy left again but when he returned he asked another question. Dad, can we be without sin for a week? The dad thought for a minute and said, No we cant. The boy left thinking about the answer the answer his father gave him. When the boy returned he said; Dad, can we be without sin for a day? The day once again said, No we cant. So the boy asked for a fifth time; Dad, can we be without sin for an hour? The thought for a little bit and said, No i don't think we can. So the boy left more perplexed. When he finally returned he asked; Dad, can we be without sin for a minute? The dad thought for a while then said, Yes i believe we can if we strive hard enough to master our thoughts and actions for a minute. The boy then replied, Then why don't live life minute by minute."

This is a great story and has a great moral to it. If we strive minute by minute we can try to control our thoughts and actions. The only problem is that man lives for the long run and doesn't think of the minute to minute stuff. We also talked about how at the moment that you take the Sacrament you are perfect for a just a minute until our carnal state once again fails and we sin again. But we can learn day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute to master our bodies. It will take a lot of strength and it will not be achieved in this life but it CAN be achieved.

It was a really cool meeting we had with him. Then we had some really good lessons too. We have two investigators that have a religious background. One is a seventh day Adventist and the other is in a baptist church. So they have great questions and really want to learn about the gospel. It is really awesome. 

On Sunday we had two reactivation s. A Sister and her Daughter. They have been coming to church for a while and we are working with the husband to get him baptized. But he thinks that all of the churches are the same so its a little difficult but its possible.

Today for P-Day we played basketball for the first time in my whole mission. it was awesome. Now we are just sitting in a cyber writing our families. Also im sorry mom but i cant send photos right now because both of the cards i have for my camera received a virus so i lost all of my pictures for my whole mission. But we are going to an investigator tonight that says that he can save our lost photos. So we are paying and hoping that he can.

Well have a great week and a great school year. Send a shout out to the whole family for me.

Love, Elder Ashworth