Monday, September 29, 2014

Over The Hill - Sept 17, 2014

Dear Family,


As for my week it was pretty good. AS you all know i have been in a trio as a companionship because Elder Thompson had to go to the office for his foot. Hes doing great but just has to take it easy for a few weeks.

AS for me, im doing great. My health is good just a Little more fatter, Thats all. Ive gained about 10 kilos on my misión so far. I guess i need to lay off the bread and Coca-Cola. We had a great week. We cleaned our house and painted it so now its looks way better. Also yesterday we got to be in a conference with an Area Authority and on sunday we had stake conference with another área authority. They are both members of the seventy. Its soo cool to hear them speak. They definatley have testimonies and know how to help us understand the Doctrine of Christ better.

Toda we went to the temple and its always cool to go there. I felt the spirit and it was a great way to recharge the spiritual batteries. I encourage everyone to attend the temple at least 1 time every month. We can learn so much in the temple and in this way we are the closest to heaven as we can get. It always helps us to recharge and to fight against the things of this world that are out there to make us fall.

As for me i have begun the descent of the hill. Everyone is telling me that i have reached the Summit and its all down hill from here. I guess i have to make it better then last year. Well i wish you all a great week and good luck!!

Love you All,
Elder AShworth

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