Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24, 2013 Week 2 - Pictures

Santiago Temple


My CCM (MTC) companion Elder Marshall is in the middle with me

My District

Andes Mountains

Sept 24, 2013 Week 2 - Getting Better

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been jam packed with stuff. The only thing that is getting old is the food and the routine: wake up, study, eat, excercise, get ready, study, study some more, eat, study, study some more again, eat, study, go back to Alcantara, sleep, and repeat. We have 12-13 hours of study a day, its crazy! And to add to it, its all in Spanish. Spanish is coming slowly but i can definitely speak more this week then i could on day one. I know the Lord is providing the rest as long as I am giving it my all.
This week we taught a lot of lessons. We have been trying to focus more on the message then the language which is making the lessons better. On Friday we taught a lesson to one of our investigators and it was a total bomb, we decided we got an evil skull face for that day. But yesterday we taught a different investigator and it went way better. You could feel the spirit and we testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel. We taught about baptism and how it can help him in his life then we challenged him to be baptized and he said yes. (Mind you these are our teachers who are acting as investigators they really had on their missions). But we were really stoked about doing so good. It awesome to see just how far we have come in two weeks and i cant wait to see where Im at in another four. The rest of the week was just study but we have a Book of Mormon class where we read the scriptures and talk about what they mean and how they can help us or our investigators. Its really cool because it helps to relieve stress and it helps to bring the spirit into the class. The one bummer though is that because we are starting block 2 we get new teachers and we have the best teachers in the whole CCM. Im sad they are leaving because they are good teachers and make it fun. Also all of the Latinos that we came with to the CCM left this morning so me and Elder Marshall get new roommates. We were sad to see our old ones go, they were really funny and were really cool. I mean they would sing songs with us! But our new roommates might be from Texas and Utah so we are going to speak in only spanish just to freak them out a little bit, since thats what happened to us when we first got here.
On September 18th it was Chile´s Independence Day. They had celebrations all week. We got a fiesta and got to go to the park. I also got my first empanada. They are really good. Oh, and I got my official preachers license and it expires on August 25, 2015. So I guess ill be coming home in August.
Sundays are my favorite here. We have gospel classes for 12 hours. we usually watch a movie, have a lesson, then are taught out of preach my gospel (which we use all the time), have personal time, sacrament, sunday school, priesthood, then after dinner we have a devotional or family night. This last Sunday we had a devotional and the mission president from Santiago West came and spoke to us. His wife spoke really good spanish so i understood 70% of what she said buut he spoke broken spanish mixed with portugese. I only got about 60% of his talk. I got the just of both and they were on focusing on the good things and to persevere to the end. During personal time I sat on the temple grounds and wrote letters. It was really peaceful for being in the middle of a big city.
I just want to let you all know that its going great and that the people here are amazing. I know that this gospel is true. I know that Christ did die for us and that he does love us. I know that he DOES live and that he will be there to help you. As long as you do your best he will carry you when you can no longer walk yourself.
I hope everything is going well with school and dance. I hope dad gets better and I will be praying for you and fasting for you this Sunday. I wrote 4 letters 2 for mom and 2 for Ashtyn and I will mail them today. I love you all and look forward to seeing you after this great adventure!
Your son and friend,
       Elder Ashworth
PP.S. Sorry for the belated birthday song but i had so much on my mind last week i forgot to wish you two happy birthday.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 17, 2013 News from Zach

Hello everyone, here is latest email form Zach. He was able to send us some pictures but it takes along time for them to download so he wasn't able to send all. It was great to hear from him and get to see him in a picture.

Hola! from Santiago Chile,

Thanks for the supporting words. And no I havent met my mission
president yet, they just took the supplies and gave it to him.

This first week has been tough, discouraging, and has made me feel
inadequate. But I know that what im doing is right so i will be ok.
Spanish is coming very slowly but i can speak more then when i first
arrived. The classes are long, we spend 12 hours at the CCM, then head
back to Alcantara to sleep. We get to bed between 11 and 12 and are up
by 645 in the morning getting ready to study. The teachers are awesome
and are very nice. Also they reinbursed me for the 75 dollars we spent
to check my second bag.

Im in a District and it is District 1. We have 10 elders and 2
sisters. All but one of us us going to Santiago South. My companion is
Elder Marshall from Eagle Mountain Utah. We get along very well and
have a lot of fun together. We have taught two discussions so far. The
first one was a total bomb. We didnt do very well at all and it was
discouraging and i felt like a failure. After that first lesson i was
thinking, what am i doing here? But the other elders who have been
here longer have told us it gets easier and spanish will come it just
takes a couple of weeks. The second lesson went a little better and
wasnt so discouring but we still didnt do very well. Its ok though
because we got alot of good feedback and know what we can do
different. I cant wait to be in the field and get to know people and
see the rest of the city. The mountains are HUGE and they come right
up next to the city. They are just as close but bigger then the ones
in Utah.

Today we went to a mall for P-Day. I have pictures but i cant send a
ton of them to you becasue they forever to upload so you will have to
wait, sorry. I got a couple of things and they have everything that
they sell in the United States. So i wont be missing anything. Oh, and
tomorrow is their Independence Day so there will fiestas and
empanadas. An empanada is meat and cheese in bread. Ive heard it is
sooo good. I cant wait to try one.

The days are going by slow but i cant believe its already been a week!
Before i know it ill be on a plane again heading home. I hope
everything is going well. Tell me everything you can becasue i just
dont know what questions to ask you guys. Hows school, work, dance,
football, anything? You name it and i would like to hear about it. I
tried to send letters today but the post office is closed becauase
tomorrow is a holiday so alot of businesses are closed. So i will try
to send them next week. You should get one letter every week to two
weeks, atleast i will try to do that. I dont know if it happen all the
time that way but i will try. Also if you could send me a book of
stamps that would be awesome becasue then i could use pouch mail and
wouldnt have to worry about going to the post office.

The city is beautiful and the people are really nice. It reminds of
salt lake city a little bit. I believe i will enjoy my two years here.

I love you all, Elder Ashworth



A mall near the CCM (MTC)

Santiago Temple

Me and Elder Marshall

Monday, September 16, 2013

Drop Off Day Pictures September 10, 2013

The day he flew out to Santiago Chile. He started at the airport in Idaho Falls, flew to Salt Lake City, flew to Atlanta Georgia and then to Santiago Chile. At the IF airport he flew out with a missionary from Wyoming so he wasn't alone. My prayers were answered. :) Then I found out they met up with 6 other missionaries in SLC making it a total of 8 that flew as a group to Chile.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Drop off day and first day

Sept 11, 2013
So the big day arrived and it was time to drop Zach off at the airport. We dropped him off yesterday at the Idaho Falls Airport. When we arrived,  Ashtyn and her Mom were already there. Brianna's Mom, her sister Leah and Jacob were all there too. We got him all checked in and his luggage checked, then we were able to spend the rest of the time with him. We did get some relief when another young elder arrived at the airport and we found out that he was going to the Santiago West Mission. So Zach would not be traveling alone. Things got a little emotional when the time came for him to board the plane, there were quite a few tears shed from everybody present, we stayed long enough to watch him board the plane and for the plane to head for the runway.

While waiting for Zach's plane to leave we then noticed a family coming in with signs for a missionary returning home. We talked to the mom of the returning missionary and found out he was returning from a mission in Chile. What a blessing, the Lord knew we needed to watch the return of this missionary to help us see our future spot in that same place in 2 years when Zach returns.

We got an email form Zach finally at about 1:30 pm. It was awesome to read his great attitude and that he was well. I have attached the email.

How`s it going? I only have a few minutes to tell you that ive arrived safely and that the sunrise on an airplane above the clouds over the Andes was amazing! Its been good so far. Im staying at Alcantara instead of the CCM (MTC) because of the influx of missionarys. Its like a small mansion, its so cool. Sorry, but ill have to answer your email a little later Ashtyn because I dont have the time.
Love you All! May Angels be round about you to bear you up.
Elder Ashworth