Friday, July 3, 2015

TWO MONTH MARK - June 24th 2015

Wow! i dont know about you guys but the sky here is super smoggy. They just told us we are in an ambiental alert. It means that there is so much smog it can be bad. And because of that we are not allowed to do exercises outside of the house this week. BUMMER!!!

But oh well. The temps are dropping and its getting cold. Everyday i can see my breath. But that doesnt keep the Chileans from celebrating the victories they've had in the Copa America!! We are playing again tonight and we are going to watch it. We got permission and we are going to watch them play Uruguay. It will be fun. But anyways. This last week was normal. Not much happened really. 

I did get sick on Sunday and Elder Orchard and I, he is from Ririe, stayed in the house. I am now once again down to 207 . But know things are back to normal. 

Also yesterday a brother told us some funny jokes. They had to do with the twelve apostles. But here is one. What was adams last name...........perez. because when they were cast out god said, pereceran but the joke is its Perez serĂ n.  which means you will perish or Perez you will be!! It only works in spanish so its a dud in english but the other ones were funnier. 

Well, i hope you all have a great week and dont get into too much trouble without me. I know how you are all trouble makers!!

Love yall,
Elder Ashworth

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