Friday, July 3, 2015

¡¡¡¡¡JULIO!!!!! - July 1 2015


Wow, how time flies. We are once again in the cold weather months will ok days and cold nights. But hey, thats winter for ya. But at least its the 4th of July this weekend and we will most likely be spending it in the house because Chile is playing in the FINALS!!!!!! They have made it to the finals of the Copa America or American Cup. They play against Argentina and we will see what happens. If they win there will be celebrations and fireworks. If they lose i heard its forecast to rain, because they will all be crying. But i guess only time will tell ;)

This week we were walking down the street and we passed a man with a hook for a hand. That was interesting. Also we found some really cool new people to teach. We got two from a reference. Their names are Jose and Gloria. The other is from an old investigator thats not progressing and he is her son that just came to live with her. His name is Carlos. So we will now see what happens with them. They all want to go to church so we have high hopes. 

Also we had the Fireside for the Birthday of the Mission Chile Santiago Sur!!! Its now 2 years old!! Its amazing. The devotional was good. There were testimonies from converts and from returned missionaries that served here years and years ago. And then the normally amazing messages from President Cook and his wife. He talked about our Kirtlands and our Nauvoos. And how we have to remember our Kirtlands (or good experiences) during our Nauvoos ( or bad experiences or times) to help us along. Because the church had a great experience in Kirtland and not so great a time in Nauvoo. It was good talk. 

Also this last week Elder Thompson and i had a day that was just very depressing for us. Everything we had fell and nobody wanted to talk to us. Everybody rejected us and we ended up walking all day. And i believe some other things happened but i really dont remember. In fact a Christian lady gave us cookies, and Elder Thompson said that was Gods way of telling us "Enjoy it now, because you guys have a ruff day ahead of you." Anyways, by the time we got to the house we were just tired and done with the cold dreary night. But as i was sitting in the house i happened to open my Book of Mormon and it opened to Alma 8. In the exact same spot where Alma felt the same way. he was depressed and felt like it was worthless because the people rejected him and chased him out of the city. So he prayed and expressed his feeling to the Lord. Afterward he received a vision and returned and had success with Amulek. Well, that night i prayed long and hard just talking with God and expressing my feelings and the trials we were passing. And no joke, the next day was our best yet together. And we have started to see more progress here. Its amazing what the Lord will do for us, if we continue faithfully and really communicate with him the desires of our hearts. I testify that miracles exist. We found 2 new people the next day and had some amazing lessons that helped people to understand to Gospel. And i know that God answers prays. 

Then to finish it up. On saturday there was a baptism in the ward from the sister missionaries and tehn a ward activity. It was a talent show and we participated. It was a blast. We danced as missionaries and sang karaoke to Ghostbusters just to help the members enjoy themselves. 

Well, i hope you all have a great week and i love you all,

Elder Ashworth

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