Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Great Week! June 17 2015


Im tired of starting every email the same way. i dont know about you guys but when things are the same i just get BORED!! So im going to try and change things up a bit today. Try and give it some FLARE!! Because sometimes i feel like i run out of things to write, but im sure there is alot more going on then i tell you guys, but usually i get to writing you guys and i forget everything that happened in the week. But wait, before we go any farther i would just love to send a shout out to my favorite dad on this wonderful Father´s Day Weekend coming up. 

¡¡¡¡¡¡HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!

I have also decided to change up the color scheme. This last week was a great week. It involved alot of walking and tracting, but thats normal. But in all of that we did find an amazing inactive family. Their names are Luis, Veronica, Pualina, And Anotonia. They arent on the registers that they live in this ward because they moved her a few months ago and have been inactive for 7 years. So we found them knocking doors and its actually the second time we have knocked their door since i have been in this sector. But we got inside and shared a really good first lesson. We got to know who they are and the father voiced that he wants to reactivate himself but he will need support to do it since its been so long since he was active. And they have a daughter that is 10 and is not baptized. SO we are hoping we can help them become an eternal family. The father was very moved because he recounted a story that happened to him recently about how his father in law was deathly ill and they asked him to give him a blessing but since hes been inactive, he didnt feel worthy. So he couldnt do it even though the family specifically asked him. You could tell he felt some remorse for not being active and worthy in the moment. But we told him that we would be here to help along the way and that he will be happy with his family once again in the church. It was an amazing experience.

Then, we were contacting at 9:45 at night and we knocked this door. Out walks a man and he talks to us in the cold air outside of his house. We tell him we are here to share a message with him and his family. He says, "Well, come right in!" And we went inside and talked with him some more and found out his name in Juan. He is a great guy and we got a return date to go and teach him some more. I guess its true when they say God is a God of Miracles. All we have to do is pray for them!

On sunday we had a great ward attendance even though some of the normal members didnt show up because of illness. But we are excited to keep going!! Then today we went to the temple. Once again a great experience! After the temple we went to The Costanera Center Mall. There we ate at a three story Wendy´s. It wasn't cheap but it was really good!!!! Lets just say that Dave did good here in Santiago. It was an amazing Wendy´s. The best i have ever seen. Then we walked the mall a bit and one of the elders bought a jacket. Speaking of clothes, Do i have any clothes to come home to??

Anyways, it was a great week and we are looking forward to another one!!

Love you all and i will send pics the next week, 
I promise!!

Elder Ashworth 

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