Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Great Zone Conference - July 22 2015

Dear Family,

I just wanted you guys to know that my email may be short because i dont have much time and i dont really know what to write at this moment. So it might just be full of gibberish nuttin'! But hey, at least its sumfin. 

This last week we had an amazing Zone Conference. They talked about how we can better our desire and effort as missionaries. It really helped a lot because they gave a few points and the one i liked best was that we just a self solution to our problem of little desire or little effort. It is a personal thing. And once we find the answer we just have o do it. That is something i think we can use for life. Its very important to fix things between us and God. If we do it alone with his help it strengthens our bond with him and we come out stronger.

Also Brother Luis got reactivated this last week. He is a great guy and will help this ward out a ton. We also tried to set a baptismal date with his daughter for the 22nd of august but she said she needed more time so we will see what happens. But we are hopeful.

AS for my gnarly head cold it is finally going away. But i feel like its harder to get rid of then cancer! But hey as long as i get better I'm OK!

Well, i think that is all that i have for this week. I figure you guys will get my letter in a few days and i hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget that i love you guys!!!

Elder Ashworth

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