Thursday, July 16, 2015

A wonderful Week!!! - July 15 2015

Well, this week was honestly the best week i have ever had in this sector. We taught a lot and found lots of people to teach that are progressing. The only bummer thing is that now i have a gnarly head cold and i feel like it might just burst!! That will be one for the record books. I can see it now, " Missionary's head burst due to a gnarly head cold!" I think i might even win a prize or something. But i really dont have much to talk about this week. Except that we saw a sword fight, like Sparta or 300, in the street and a husky humped my comp and then chased all around the street. That was funny. 

As for today we went to the National Museum of Natural History. It was cool but the best part is that it was in the middle of a huge park with a lake and it was free!!! Everything is better when its free. Well, i guess thats all i have for this week. Sorry its so short but i did put a letter in the mail today so you guys should get it in 9 days and i say a little bit more in the letter. It talks about Elder Packer and his funeral. 

Well i hope you all have a great week and enjoy the nice weather because it rained for 2 days here and everything was flooded and now its just colder then cold. Its a good thing i have a big coat!!

Have a great one!! Love you all!!

Elder AShworth

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