Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Interesting Trip.....

Querido Family!!!

So this last week was interesting....

First off, my comp had another foot problem and we had to stay in the house to help him feel better but that didnt really matter much. If its necessary, we have to do it. Then we had a great time at church and everything went well. But the big news is that we have to move apartments. We are going to floor 8 instead of living on floor 17. So we are in the moving process. We have stuff everywhere and in both houses. 

Also, today we went on a tour of Santiago that we did for ourselves. We went and visited a few places. And there we met two gypsies. The one tried to rob Elder Almandoz and the other talked to me, my comp, and Elder orchard (The comp of Elder Almandoz) so that the other could rob him. But it didnt work. They walked away empty handed and not very happy :) They figured we were tourists and that they could scam us. But we know better! 

This week we had some bomb lessons. First off was with a man named Oliver. Two members invited us over to teach him, Hna. Consuelo and Hno. Danilo. We taught about the families because he was passing for a hard time. You could feel the spirit and he liked the lesson. Also we had a lesson with Mario and Doris. It was amazing!! She asked how she can be more humble and control her tongue better. It was one of the biggest changes i have ever seen in them. Its true that the spirit makes miracles. Also there is just a different feel in their house now. Lastly we went to Luis's house for his birthday. There his primo talked to us. My comp also exploded because he was kind of talking trash on the states. I just think its kinda funny to see their reactions. But his prima was very receptive. she listened to us and asked a ton about what we do here as missionaries. We then shared and left her with a few things to read and watch. it was really cool. 

Then i want to tell you guys about a super member here. He is a return missionary and is married but the other day he helped us in a lesson and afterward he went home. We then went to another lesson and her son wasnt there so we called him back up and he came to our rescue in 5 minutes. He is awesome and is always willing to help us. Let me tell you, the missionaries are always looking for help!!

Well, thats all i have for this week have a great one!!!

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

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