Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well not much happened this last week because of the New Year. We had to be in by 6 pm on the 31st and couldnt leave till 1 on the 1st. Then alot of people were on vacation so our sector was pretty dead. We did get one of the Less Active members that we are working with to come to church with us on sunday though. It was really cool to experience that, she really enjoyed it and made some new friends. 

Then we also taught one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon this week. He seemed excited and interested about it. When we committed him to read and pray about it he said yes. He told us he would read it so that we have things to talk about when we come over and visit him. Other then that the week was about the same as always.

It has been pretty smoky the past few days because of some wildfires that are burning out around the city. So mixed with the heat, sun, smoke, and dust it has been an awesome first week to a new year. A funny moment from this week was when a joung boy that we were talking to asked my companion if he was from the UNited States. Then he looked at me and asked if i was from Argentina. I dont know why he asked me that because i do not look Argentinian. I am white with blond hair. He did tell me that me spanish was really good though, so i will take that complement even from a young boy.

Now for your questions dad. Im sure i can buy deet for the mosquitos but we havent had a problem yet with them. My clothing is holding up fine so far. My favorite food? That is a tough question, i think i will have to answer that one later after i try humitas. I have been told that my langage is getting better and i feel like i can talk more fluidly with people. As for the address it will stay the same. That is the address to my mission office and not my house.

Thats all i have for this week. Not much happening down here right now. I just keep pushing forward. Glad that everyone is doing great and you guys havent frozen in the cold yet.

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

P.S. Holy Kaprito Preston you are getting tall!
Here are a few pictures. Here is a comparison of when i got to the mission field and now. And a service project we did at a school, can you say SNAKES!

At the mission home with my first companion

Service Project


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  1. looking good elder zachary! awesome spanish skills mr. :)