Monday, December 30, 2013

Crazy Christmas Week!!

Dear Mom, Dad, and Preston,

I will begin by answering all of your questions. My next transfer is in 2 weeks on January 13. That is when i will finish my training. I don't know if i will be transferred or have a new companion yet but i will know that this Friday. As for a number of missionaries in my district we have 6. We have 20 missionaries in the zone and about 170 in the mission. For New Years we have to be in early on New Years Eve and have to clean our pension because we are going to have inspections then we cant go out till later on New Years Day. We have about 5 investigators that we visit frequently but only 2 that are progressing. Then the rest are less active members, there are about 6 families. Then we finish with members which differs every week because they fill up empty space. The best food i have eaten down here is the asado. Its a BBQ. The people down here really know how to BBQ. There is sooo much food and its amazing. The worst is probably this casserole thing that we didn't know what it was. As for the shoes i have no idea.

Alright now for my week. It was crazy and fun. We made two care packages full of food and detergent for two ladies, Gema and Celia, that we are teaching because they are having economic problems right now. It was great to see their faces and to give instead of be given. 

We also found a new investigator this week. Her name is Andrea and when we talked to her she was full of questions about the gospel. She was really attentive and answered all of our questions during the lesson and invited us back. One of the questions she asked was, Why do Catholics baptize children when they are babies, they don't have sins do they? It was awesome to see how willing she was to listen to us. We have high hopes for her and her family.

It was great to get to talk to you guys on Christmas and experience that. It was weird being away from home but it was kinda cool too. It was a new experience and i enjoyed it. For Christmas Eve it was just me, my companion, rice, and a big fire. We had fun and talked about the gospel. 

As for the rest of the week, it went the same. We went preaching and taught lessons. We also went to mutual and taught about the birth of Christ. Then we had a End of the Year ward party. It was crazy. Lots of food, music, and dancing. 

Oh, i forgot to tell you guys that i got to go to the temple on Friday and see the new movie. It was good. The temple is always a great place. We also got to help with sealings. I got to be a witness during a couple of sealings. It has been a great experience so far in Chile and i look forward to more.

Thanks for all you do,

Elder Ashworth

So a funny story.....The members in Chile cannot say his last name of Ashworth. I guess they butcher it.  So they call him Elder Ash. So he went out and bought a hat to mimic the same hat that the boy named Ash on Pokemon wears. So the third picture down is him wearing the Pokemon hat. :)

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