Thursday, December 19, 2013

Missionary Stories

These stories were in a  previous email but I shared them with our family at our Christmas Party first before I share them with you. So here you go, Brianna
Also some funny contacting stories. We went up to this one house and a little boy answered the door we asked if his parents were home and he said no. So we asked if his grandma was home and he said "yes". We asked if we could talk with her and looked inside the side then looked out and told us that she only speaks russian. We asked if he spoke russian too, he said "yes". We then asked if he could speak some to us and he said "i dont know". we then said goodbye and left laughing once the door shut. Some of the things people come up with so they dont have to talk to the missionaries. 

Another one is that we came up to this door and knocked. We weren't paying attention but the dog of the house, a rottweiler, came up to the fence and peed on my comps shoe. I laughed and he was kind of ticked but oh well, it wasnt my shoe. The last on that i will share is we made a contact with a young mother who had a baby. While we were talking to her i told her "the Gospel will help to become closer to you" instead of "closer to God". We laughed afterward because my comp told me that i was trying to make a move on a married young mother. We just have to laugh when we make mistakes with the language.

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