Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Going Fast!

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry to hear that it is so cold there and that pushing the snow is your hurting your back because its really freaking hot here. Its about 90 degrees every day. Im glad to here that everything is going well. And congrats on your success in the Christmas Classic Preston. 

As for me here this week was a trying week. All of our investigators dropped this week so we didn't have anyone to really teach. And to make matters worse i got a really bad headache, almost a migraine, and had to stay inside the house for the day on Tuesday. We have been contacting all week and have seen some success. We found this one guy who is a member of the church but has been inactive for a long time. He has a wife and daughter who are not members of the church. He wants to change and invited us back to have a lesson with him and his family. We are hopeful about this family and getting them into the church. We also found another inactive lady who told us that we could come back and two other investigators that said that they were interested and set return dates. So hopefully something will come out of all of this work.

Well i hope everything keeps going good for you guys in Iceburg. Have a Merry Christmas and remember the true meaning of Christmas. If you could give anything to the Savior this year for Christmas what would it be? Think about it, after all it is his birthday and everyone deserves a present on their birthday.

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Pictures: My mate cup with mate, Me and my comp drinking mate (mate is a drink down here that every drinks its make out of Yerba(weed) and it helps you wake up in the morning and keep you regular), and me on Gran Avenida.

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