Friday, December 27, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,

Well to answer your questions everything is going fine here in Chile. Im not having any problems with anyone. Yes, it is hard at times but thats the mission. Also i am not having any problems with fleas so i do not need flea collars. That sucks that the power went wacky in grandmas house, its not the best time for something like that to happen. It looks like Preston had fun scubadiving for mutual. That is something i never got to do but i think would be fun. Once again thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Also tell Seth that he works really fast, hes only been home for 4 months ;).

Now to share a little bit of my week with you all.

On wednesday a sister in the ward help a little Birthday party for me with cake and food. It was fun and I got a tie from one of the missionaries in my house. Then on saturday another sister did the same thing for me again and her family gave me a stuffed animal, a donkey with red, white, and blue. The people here are awesome. On Sunday we had a great lunch with a family in the ward and i drank my first champaign (champin), it didnt have any alcohol, but it was supposed to be funny - drinking on your Birthday. Also on Thursday we went caroling to the widows of the ward with the young men and young women. It was really fun but wierd at the same time because of the heat.

Friday was fun because we had a mission conference for Christmas. In the morning we played sports: soccer, football, frisbee, and more soccer. Then we had a great lunch and watched a movie. We watched Remember the Titans in spanish. It was funny but you lost some of the humor with the language change. After we had a gift exchange and i got a candle that smells really good. We then had dinner which was good and recieved mission gifts: a journal, bag, and t-shirt. To end the day we had devotional about peace and trials. We will all have to go through peace but we can choose to have peace about them.

This week will be good too. I get to speak to you guys. We are thinking about 1 in the afternoon your time. So be ready for a call at 1 oclock. we will be using skype so we can see each other. It will last one hour and will be a great christmas present.

Thanks for all you guys do for me. I love you all.


Elder Ashworth

P.S. I got shot at last week!................By an airsoft gun :)

Pics: Birthday Cake, party!, and gifts.


My Champin! My alcohol free champagne

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  1. we love you too! glad you had an awesome birthday, and fun times. :) xo