Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MIssionary Work Has Never Been Busier - Aug 12 2015

This last week has just been insane when it comes to teaching people. We are running everywhere trying to teach all of the people that want to meet with us. And we are seeing just tons of progress from the people we visit. IN fact we have a  baptism planned for my last saturday here in Chile. She is amazing and so is her family. Her father is stoked to baptize his daughter and we are super happy for them. 

Also i have a hectic schedule this coming week. With all of the appointments, baptisms, and this for the missionaries that go home. I'm going to be running all over Santiago. :) But hey, at least I'm busy!!! I will be ending my mission on a good note. Which is really good and nice. 

I honestly dont know what else to tell you guys.......oh. On our way to the grocery store two guys passed us on the street running from the grocery store. They had just robbed some stuff and were running away :) Its a common thing here. In fact the security doesn't even do anything. Also the guys were faster then the security.....so that didnt help. 

Love you all,

Elder Ashworth

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