Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 27, 2015 - Its COLD Outside!

Dear Family,

This week has just flown by. Especially as we had pday last week on Thursday it flew by really fast because its been less then a week. But we have accomplished a lot this week. 

We are looking at changes again. We will be told this Saturday if we have changes. So i guess you will all know next week if i have a new comp or no. But this last week it has been super cold. On monday we got up early to go and do contacts at the bus stops and it was 35 degrees outside. Lets just say that im going to die my first winter in Rexburg. But thats ok. I know how to dress warm. But we have teaching one of our investigators named Pamela. We are teaching about all the lessons again to get her ready for baptism. She is a little confused about a few things and her son doesnt help her. He is less active but is a drug addict and believes that God doesnt love us but wants us to suffer.So we have with him on that too. 

As for me i read about Abinadi and the people of Limhi this week in my studies. I learned soooo much from them. I think i found my new favorite passage of the scriptures. The Abinadi chapters are just amazing. He knew his savior and had a strong testimony. If you were presented with the same situation, are you ready to die for your faith? Are you willing to tell the people that they are wrong and wicked and be beaten and burned for what you believe? They are good questions that i think everyone of us should ponder.

Well thats all i have for this week. So i guess i will update you guys next week.

Elder Ashworth  

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