Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another week down


So this week we changed our pday so that my comp can go play volleyball against a club here in santiago. It will be interesting, but he will have a great time.

This last week was good. We walked a ton! But we got some good things out of it. As for something weird or cool that happened to answer dads question. We did see a little girl about 3 years old who was walking down the street a tripped and fell. Her mom, who was right beside her,And the super mom (as my comp called her) yelled at her daughter like this " BEEP; BEEP, Stupid girl!" I think the mom had a bad day. But before you all get your panties in a knot the words she said are normal everyday words here. Then we saw a human velociraptor It was a little boy who was roaring and running in the street with his arms as a dinosaur. Then to top it off, .... actually ill just tell you guys when i get home ;)

But other then that we had interviews with president cook and they went good. We also changed our house around a little bit and its nicer. But i wanted to invite you all to read the Mosiah chapters of Abinadí and think on all of the stuff he teaches. Its all we need to be saved. And its all inside of two to three chapters.

Havea great week.

Elder Ashworth

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