Sunday, May 3, 2015

Zone Conference - April 29, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was my first week in Villa Magisterio but i will start out my answering the emails that you all sent me.

As for the volcano that erupted in the south it was far enough away that we arent seeing anything here in Santiago from it. But i did hear that there is 5 meters of ashes in the south and that it is supposed to rain. And when it rains the ashes become a natural cement and will seal everything underneath it! If it happens it could be interesting. As for the new comp, things are going great. We get along great and have a  blast during the work. It isnt too different because i can still communicate with him. It just means that i can say english sayings that dont make sense in spanish. And my health is fine. My stomach healed up about 2 months ago and I'm eating normal again and its awesome!

Also everything is going great here in Villa Magisterio. This last week we have been looking for lots of new people because they divided our sectors into working zones so now we have a designated area inside of our sector to work in. And since it has lots of the apartment buildings not very many missionaries worked there. But we have lots of people who are willing to listen to us. In fact last night we had two great contact with two guys that are really interested in our message and they live inside of our area. So we are super excited to work here. 

Yesterday we also had Zone Conference. It was great as usual. President Cook talked about the past, present and future of the mission. It was great to see the progress we have had. Also he focused a lot on the Atonement and how it makes the whole work go. he shared a video with us called the Atonement and Missionary Work. It is a great video. If you haven't seen it you should! Then as usual they talked about obedience and shared a few stories. it was really good. There is so much i would like to put in this email but i don't know if i can. If i have a few extra minutes i might put in the stories. But i hope you all can feel your saviors love for us. He loves each and every one of you and wants the best for you. He just wants us to be the best and most obedient that we can be. Dont be the one that he is waiting on to be obedient but be the one that he can say, " This is my beloved son/daughter in whom i am well pleased." If we work for that we will inherit Eternal life and we will be saved through the grace of Christ.

I know this to be true because i have felt it, I hope you all can feel the same way. If you havent yet i urge you to get on your knees and ask God if it is true and if he exists. It will be the best thing you have every done!

Love you all, 
Elder Ashworth

P.S. I have time to share the stories.

The first one is about a little child who lived in New York. In New York they have ice storms that cause major damage. And during one of these storms a big tree fell over. So the roots were sticking straight up in the air. Well during the clean up action he decided to play inside of the hole in the ground from the roots of the tree and his dad started cutting the tree from the top to the bottom. During the time he was playing he heard his fathers voice say, "Get out of the hole, right now and quick!" so he quickly left the hole. Just as he left the tree stood up and fell back inside of the hole it had made because the weight of the roots stood it up again. And if the little boy hadnt obeyed he would have been buried alive. But the interesting thing is that his father never called to him but the Spirit spoke to him in the voice of his father so he would obey. Because the spirit knew he would obey his father right away. If we can obey our fathers voice, that of God, just as this little boy obeyed his fathers voice we can be saved in these last days. It is what God wants from us.

Second. There were three stone workers working in a  construction site. And a man went up to the first one and asked what he was doing and he replied "I'm cutting bricks." The man stayed and watched for a little bit longer then went to the second worker and asked the same thing. The second worker answered saying, "  I'm building a wall." So the man stayed and watched for a little while longer. Then he went to the third worker and asked What are doing?. The third worker stood up straight and said "I'm building a cathedral to my God!"This story shows us that we need to be like the third worker and see the big picture. We are working to help god bring to pass the eternal life of man. Not just here to cut bricks or build a wall. Look at the big picture!

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