Thursday, January 29, 2015

January has Flown by!

Dear Family,

This last month has just flown by. We are now starting Febrero (sorry it has to be spanish because i dont know how to spell it in english any more)

This last week has been fun. We had changes yesterday and my new comp is Elder Floriano from Peru. He is an awesome guy and an even sweeter greatly amazing missionary. We have about the same time in the mission. He has two more weeks then i do. But we end the mission at the same time. I attached a pic so that you guys can get to know him. 

This last sunday we had a great amount of people in our ward. And we had a great time in the classes and the other reunions. 

Today we played sports and i got sunburned. This letter is really short its ok. I will try to write more next week. 

But something interesting that happened last night. Our church was broken into and robbed. They entered in and broke the alarm system and broke some glass and broke a glass of rum on the wall. Then they left with 4 painting from the chapel. One of Jesus in the Americas and the other was the First Vision. So we think they wanted to know about the restoration of the gospel. The thing is is that they left of the stuff that has a big dollar value so it was really weird. 

Well that was my great pday so i hope you all have a great week.

Elder Ashworth

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