Thursday, January 15, 2015

A very HOT week

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week wasnt that bad. Just a little lower in lessons because we had a few people leave for vacations. But we are working really hard with a less active family and trying to help them overcome their addictions. Also we had a great experience yesterday. Everything had fallen and so we started to contact a whole street. At every door we were turned down. From "I dont want to hear a word you have to say" to "I dont care!". By the end I was thinking, "Why did I choose this Street?". But at the very last door, a young man came out and started to talk to us. We asked if we could share a message with him and he said yes. So we entered his house and shared with him. At the end of the message he committed to pray about the message and that it interested him. We also found out that his mom had a Book of Mormon from missionaries that she contacted some time ago to ask them a question. Then his parents left and were very nice. They talked to us and liked what we are doing here. So we got a return appointment and are looking forward to going back. I guess it was just necessary that we contact every door just to find that the last one had somebody behind it that was waiting for us to share with them.

Also today we went to the temple and saw the new video. It was pretty good and the temple always makes one feel great. 

Well have a great week and talk to you all later,
Love ya,
Elder Ashworth

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