Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dear family and friends,

First off, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I know its late, but better late then never. 

So this week was great just full of lots of things to do. It was really hot and we walked a lot, but that's the mission. 

The only thing that happened this week is that we set another baptismal date with an investigator. She says that she knows the church is true and that she likes what we do. So we will see what happens there. Here name is Maria Teresa and she is a great person. Also, another investigator named Florentina came to church on sunday for the first time and loved it. She also loves the story of Joseph Smith and likes what we believe as a church and religion. So we have high hopes for her too. Also Jean Pierre, who is in the baptismal photos holding the baby, is the boyfriend of Ambar and he came to church too. He participated and asked questions and i think he enjoyed himself. We are seeing a lot of progress here and hope to see it continue. 

Then today we went to a planetarium. it was pretty fun. Also we visited Central Station here in Santiago. Its got a big clock and everything. With trains and a bunch of places to eat and buy stuff. It was a great way to spend our pday. 

Thats all i got for this week, So talk to you all later.
Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

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