Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Week Down - February 4th

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another great week. i dont think i have ever had a horribly horrible week in the mission. It always seems like there is something good that happens every week to help boost the spirits. 

This last week we had divisions with our district leaders, Elder Tornow and Elder Rosero. I went with Elder Tornow. And it started out that we had to go to a clinic so he could do some back therapy then on the way back to the house he got sick. It was instant. He was all good and then, BAM, he was sick. But with him being sick we still set a baptismal date with Sister Florentina for March. We talked to her and told her how we think is ready to make this covenant and that we can help her over the last few obstacles. So we are stoked for this.

Also we had a great Sunday with a great attendance and a good fast and testimony meeting. Also we went to a open house for a ward. And we as missionaries have to contact people in the streets to be able to invite them to the open house. We talked to an agnostic. It was the first time i had really talked to one and conversed with one for a while. We talked for 30 minutes and it was an interesting conversation. One of the things that i thought was interesting is that he said, "I was a believer before, but i have raised above that now." So he believes that those that believe in god have a mental weakness and cant do the things alone. And that everything is in our heads. But that everything is scientific and that God doesnt exist. But after talking to him be told him to keep looking for answers because he said that he hasnt found the answer to the question, What happens after we die? He said that science hasn't figured it out yet, so he just doesn't think about it. 

As i said, we always learn new things in the mission. Love you guys and have a great week!!

Elder Ashworth

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