Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last Week!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
     Sorry the pics didnt come through, I will send them again. Also sorry about you mom and preston being sick. It sucks being sick. Also, Ashtyn, about the bed bugs we really do have them down here and we have to be careful because they will live in our beds and bite us at night :). And the weather here is GREAT!! We are in the 80s everyday and the sun is constantly out. Its kinda weird to have it this hot in October. I have a couple more things. One I now have to stay in the MTC for 2 more days becasue of a mission president conference in argentina so our mission president wont be in my mission the day i was supposed to go. Second, my P-days are on monday from now on so you will have to send emails before monday.
Anyways, now for my excperiences this week. We went contacting out on the street last Thursday and got turned down sooo much. In fact one lady laughed in our faces and just walked away. But when we were about to quit because we had to go to class we talked to a man. He was really interested in the church and liked the idea of prophets. So we talked to him about profetas y invited him to church. We also gave him 3 folletos, a Libro De Mormón, and got his address so that other missionaries can go to his house and teach him more. Can I say that it was AWESOME!! It was really cool to see how some people are just prepared and others are not. I hope he went to church since we as missionaries in the MTC have a different time for church then the rest of the people.
This last Sunday was all in Español. It was really cool. We watched the movie "The Testaments" and since it was all in Spanish I had to listen with the spirit iinstead of my ears. I got sooo much from it. It strengthened my testimony more. I even understood the spanish in the movie and in all of the lessons. But after the movie they had us write down our testimony of Jesus Christ so that our posterity can read later on in life. Then in sacrament meeting we had fast and testimony meeting. My entire distrito got up and bore their testimonies. It was the first time ive bore my testimony in sacrement meeting for i think forever. I did it in spanish and it was really cool.
Elder Gilbert, the elder who takes care of Alcantara, is doing great. His open heart surgery went well and everything will be ok. We also went to the temple again. And i did in all in Spanish too. I once again had to listen with the spirit and i undertood it all. It is so spiritual and really awesome in the temple. Its cool to see just how far ive come with spanish in the last 5 weeks.
I got to talk to my mission president yesterday for our interview before our missions. He is an awesome guy. He said the only rules we have are the white book, Preach My Gospel, and the spirit. He said i will see lots of poverty, The people basically live in little huts with dirt floors. He said that we will have baptisms but alot of our work is reactivation. But he made me soo excited to get out in the field.
Yesterday we also practiced lessons with Latinos. They are so awesome. They are really open to help you with your spanish. They helped me alot and they are really spiritual. One of them was baptized when he was 13 by the missionaries.
Well, i dont think i have anything else for this week. So i  hope everything is going good. Im sorry your football team didnt do very well this year.
Love you all!!
Elder Ashworth

Here is a picture of the front of Alcantara. He is the second from the left on the back row. :)

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