Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crazy, Awesome, Spiritual Week - Week 4

Wazup Everyone,

First to start off I will answer all of your questions. Concerning my admission into Byu-Idaho the fall/winter is fine. Next, Preston im sorry isnt doing great this year but i hope you are having fun and i think about you all the time and hoping you are doing great in school and dance. With Conference I got to watch all sessions. They started at 1 for the morning session, 5 for the afternoon session, and 9 for the priesthood session. And they were all AMAZING1 I will go into detail later. With pictures, yes seeing some pictures every once in a while would be awesome. Thanks Ashtyn and Aubrey for the pictures you two wonderful ladies sent me. Ashtyn im sorry you lost your baby girl Kaiya, she was a fun dog and really sweet. Im glad my letters made it to you because i havent gotten any. But if you sent them to my mission home, i will get them all  in 2 weeks.

Now for an update on my happenings in Chile. We got new roommates, they are pretty cool. Then this morning we lost our family of Elders at Alcantara, they left for their missions. It was like my family was leaving me again. We had grown so close, but i know they will do good. Also me and my companion committed two of our investigators to baptism and are doing good with our lessons. Spanish is coming and i learn more each day, I can give a full lesson and hold a conversation now, its pretty sweet if i do say so myself.

These next two weeks will be crazy. I only have two weeks left!!! Then its off to el campo. We get to go street contacting twice, then get to go on the metro and go on splits with the local missionaries for a day and help teach real lessons. I cant wait! im excited and nervous all at the same time.

Im sending you guys another letter today. It is going to Ashtyn. There are a few pages in there for her and mom so I am asking her to copy just those pages and give them to mom. They just have a few spiritual experiences on them that would take to long to email. Not much else in the letter since everyday is about the same. The letters will be better out in the field. I know you guys are going to send me a Christmas package even though i told you not to, so when you send it to me will you include my mp3 player stuffed full of songs (EFY, Micheal McClean, Disney, Nashville Tribute Band, Hymns, Martins Cove, any spiritual songs you can find) and the charger for it? That would be great. I have realized that music helps to lift our spirits while here.Also that picture that i have on my ipod of the man who is kneeling on the ground and the qoute says "it doesnt matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up" i would like that pic sent to me too so i can have it in my room. Thanks. :)

Now for the BIG stuff. Conference blew my mind. Who knew that if you actually paid attention and went into conference with questions that you would get sooo much out of it. My testimony has grown about Conference. I know that if we have questions and prayerfully go into conference looking for answers to those questions. They WILL be answered. I have quite a few quotes I would like to share with you all that i got from conference.

-"Here you WILL find peace"

-"Never be afraid, only believe"

-"Men and boys must stand for truth and righteousness, Stand with women"

-"Square Shoulders and Positive Thinking"

"Trust that one day dawn will break brightly and the shadows will dispearse."

-"Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith"

-" It doesn´t matter how many times we stumble, but how many times we get back up."

-"Jesus Christ is our Champion"

-"Press Forward!"

_"Rise Up!"

-"Always look up!"

-"We truely need him every hour"

-"Sometimes all we need a hug"

-"Hold fast to the Rod of Iron"

-"Instead of solving our problems the Lord wants us to develope the faith we to trust in him"

-"Past is to be learned from and not lived in. And when we have learned what we need we must apply it to our future"

-"May Heaven´s Blessings Be With You!"

I know this church and true and I know it more every day.

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

P.S. Here me and some of the crazy Elders in my district. The temple. My district and two of the best teachers ever. And i hope i got everything in this email. :)

For some reason his pictures didn't come through this time. Maybe next time. - Brianna

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