Monday, October 21, 2013

LAST WEEK AT THE CCM! 10/21/2013

Dear Mom, Dad, Preston, Family, and Friends,
To answer your questions. I believe that every P-Day will be on Mondays from here on out. Preston great job on decleating a couple of kids, im proud of you. Work hard and everything will work out. Another thing i would like is an actual picture of the photo i have on my ipod of the kid praying on his knees and that qoute that says "it doesnt matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get back up." Thanks for the quote, it was good. Im glad you are all feeling better and im sorry i scared you mom i have no control over when my P-Day is they just changed it on us last week.
Now for my week. We went and got our BIP cards this week. They allow us to ride on the buses and the metro, so i got to ride on my first ever metro. The only words to describe it were: hot, sweaty, smelly, and crowded. But it was cool nonetheless. Then we went contacting during our little excursion on the metro and buses. Me and my companion talked to an active Catholic man but he seemed interested in the church so we got his information and address so the missionaries in his area can stop by his house. Then on Saturday we went contacting again. And we ended up talking to two Christian Preachers. It was a hard but good learning experiance. They didnt want to be taught only to swap ideas and beliefs. They also thought our time would be better spent talking to those who dont know Jesus. So we were just friendly, gave them a book of mormon and swapped beliefs. It was good because it is going to help us prepare for the field when we might have to do that.
Anyways we also went proselyting. We went to the Norte mission and went on splits with the missionaries there. We then went contacting while we walked to appoinments. I shared a scripture (1 nefi 11:17) and bore my testimony to a family then my companion did the rest. I also taught part of the first lesson. It was really cool. I have a long ways to go with spanish though when it comes to stuff outside of the gospel. But one of the best things was that the compnion i got split with is from REXBURG! his name is Elder Baden Ballard. i went school with him and graduated with his sister Blakley. We talked about Rexburg and i got him updated on some stuff he wanted to know. Also the houses are tiny and the people are really humble. Its hard to describe what i saw because we were in the poorer part of the norte mission. But i cant wait to see my mission.
This week we get to go to the temple twice this week. Then we have our farewell devotional on wednesday. Then on thursday we go to the field at 6 pm. It will be awesome and i will let you all know how it is.
Pictures are coming in a seperate email.
Love you All,
Elder Ashworth

 The elders, the tallest building in South America ( we ran to it, its about a 1 1/2 miles from Alcantara, we run every morning), and some other stuff.

It is so awesome to see him happy!!!! - Brianna

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