Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another week down - Feb 18, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

First off i will answer the questions that dad sent me.

1) Things are going with the new comp. He is super funny and get along really well. We are bother working for the same things.
2) The investigatores that we are working are progressing. They are overcoming their obstacles and are on their way to the gates of baptism.
3) you could pray for Florentina, Fam. Jara, Maria and Victor, Alex, and Miguel and Nadia. Thanks.

This last week was great. We went to the doctors office twice and i got a sonogram. They looked at my stomach like they do for pregnant women to see if my artery in my back was expanded. It was a blast but we found out that i only have an ulcer and that other then that im healthy.

We also had interview with president Cook. He is a great president that always helps us to be better. Im enjoying out here in santiago. So much to learn and do. 

Today we relaxed and got haircuts because my hair super long. It was like 3 inches long on top, but still didnt look bad. We had some great leesons and helped Forentina fell secure about getting baptized!! So now we just have to finish up the lessons.

Here are some pics. The one of the four missionaries is like a month old but the other was taken last night. Hes my great peruano comp. Well havea  great week.

Love ya'll,
Elder Ashworth

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