Wednesday, April 23, 2014

La Semana Santa

Hello Family and friends,

Its great to hear from you all. And HAPPY EASTER or FELIZ SEMANA SANTA! This last week a lot of things were closed on Friday and Saturday to honor the Pascua of Christ. It was cool to see that they do that bu interesting to see just how many people actually remember Christ. It is more the fact that it is a tradition to do the things, like eat fish and not meat, but the people don't remember Christs Sacrifice for us. We got to watch Son of God the movie today for P-Day and it was good and helped to show the sacrifice of Christ for us. 

As for me and the mission, everything is going good. The work is still going and we are still pushing forward. We are still teaching and visiting. I have a family that would like me to send you there salutations, "Hello" from the family Lagos. 

The weeks are just going by so fast i don't know what to tell you guys about the mission. This week we had a great lesson with an investigator but she didn't show to church with her family, which was a little sad but hopefully she will keep her commitment to pray. Other then that the other lessons weren't anything really big just normal lessons that we would have every week. 

Well i hope that everything is going well up there in Rexburg and good luck this week in work, school, dance, and all your other activities. Attached is the message we got from my mission president today it was really good. Hope you like it.

Love you all,
Elder Ashworth

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