Monday, April 7, 2014


Family and friends,

Its always great to hear from you all. And as for the earthquakes that are happening down here im too far away to even feel them let alone see any of the damage. And everything else is going well.

Today we had changes again and my old companion Elder Terra is now down in Orsorno to serve down there for the next year and a half. My companion is from Paraguay and is 25 years old. He has the same amount of time as me in the mission because we left the MTC at the same time. He seems like a nice guy so im sure we have a great time.

As for this last week we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people since m companion was leaving the mission and not just changing sectors. But we did get to go to the temple which was great as always. It helped to give a feeling of peace during a hectic week and started off conference weekend really well. I went through the session in spanish. Its great to see that i could understand everything that was said. 

Then general conference was great. They spoke a lot about faith in Christ and the family. There were a lot of "palos" (Palo= a piece of wood like a 2X4). Or in other words they had a lot of strong words and kind of laid it down hard. But that's what this world needs now. We cant get anywhere by beating around the bush. Usually the person needs to be hit on the side of the head with a "palo" then they will respond and see that they need to change. Whether its a real palo or a spiritual palo sometimes it just need to be done. 

That's all i have for this week. But im excited to get to know my new companion to work with him. I cant believe that i have been in this sector for 3 months and will complete 7 months in the mission on the 11th of April. Time flies. Choose to spend time doing the things that count and not things that can be swept away in an instant.

Love you all! Enjoy your week!
Elder Ashworth
Me and my new companion

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