Monday, March 24, 2014

Members and Missionaries

Hey to my family and friends,

This week once again flew by. I swear that i wake up in the morning and before i know it im laying in my bed falling to sleep. But oh well, it means im at least doing something. 

Anyways its great to hear that everything went well with Gem State and that all had a fun time. Im sure that Preston tore up the dance floor and everyone was in awe with his "sweet skills"!

This week we taught one of our investigators named Marta. She has no faith in Christ, in the resurrection, in prayer, or the Holy Ghost. She only believes that there is a god but has the question. If there is a god why is this life so hard and why are there bad people? It is a great people and we are trying to help her understand why. But when we teach we only get one doctrine point in because she starts to question everything because she doesn't have Faith. Well this last week we took a member with us. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and talked a lot about the movie and death. And in the end when we asked if she would pray for an answer she told us "i don't know because i think it will just be me telling myself that its true". In this moment the member started to teach about his conversion and how he had the same questions. He has read tons of books on religion and had the same questions she did. The only difference is that he grew up in the church. But it was amazing to see how she listened to him and believed him easier then us. The people think that missionaries are not m¡normal people so they have a harder time believing them.

Also we had a lesson with another investigator named Javier. Just as we were about to start his friend knocked on the door. Javier invited him and told him who we were and invited him to join us for a pray and a spiritual thought. It was great. He is a golden investigator. His name is Martin and has tons of questions and believes what we say. Once again it was through the help of the member. The member was Brother A that we reactivated  my first month in this sector. Well Martin believed us and told us that he would pray and read the Book of Mormon and would join us for more lessons when we come to visit Javier. 

Its great to see how people reacted to members and to missionaries. I now have a testimony that to have success as a missionary we have to work with the members or nothing is going to happen.

So if you can help the missionaries out because they need it. That was my week.

So love you all and take care!
Elder Ashworth

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