Thursday, March 13, 2014


Family and Friends,

Its great to hear that you are doing well and are enjoying the things that you are doing.

This week i dont have much to talk about except that we were running around like crazy trying to talk with members and inactive members. Because we had a lunch after church this last sunday for the whole ward and the bishop asked us to go and invite everyone that we could and to share the scripture that we chose for the theme of our ward conference in 2 weeks. This last sunday we had the biggest assistance in the ward with 61 people, this included 12 youth. (which is awesome)!! But anyway our scripture for ward conference is Moroni 6:5 and 6. we are using this to hopefully heelp people want to attends church and be reactivated. Thats all that i have for the work this week.

But something really exciting happened at 1:40 in the morning this past Thursday. We had a tremor which was a 5.4 on the rictor scale. I woke up because my entire body was shaking. when it was over i just fell right back to sleep. It was my first tremor that i have felt and it was a pretty big one too. But because of this we now have to have a safety training just to be sure all the missionaries know whet to do in the case of an actual earthquake. So that should be fun.

Then today we went to the Costanera Mall. It is huge!! Its 5 stories tall and right next to it is the tallest bi¡uildsing in south america. There we ate lunch then i ate a cinnabon cinamon roll and it was amazing. Its been over 6 months for a cinnamon roll and it was like heaven. Then we found a LEGO store and, of course like the little boy i am, i bought a lego! But they are really expensive here which is a bummer.

This is all i have for this weeks email. Enjoy your week and have fun. Love you all!

Elder Ashworth


 Me as a flighty missionary 

Also something i forgot in my email. Today this guy was rolling his own cigarettes next to me on the metro.

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