Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello From Down South!


Not much has happened this week here. Things slowed down again because school starts this next week so everyone headed to the beach for the last time. But I'm doing good nonetheless. Changes were today and i didn't get changed. I'm still in el Bosque with Elder Terra. We are looking forward to this next change and hope to see more growth in our ward. We are now having youth attend mutual and attend church. We now have a Sunday school class for the youth in the ward, which i have to teach , but its good because the youth are the future.

This last week we also attended a broadcast for 4 countries down here in South America for the Priesthood Brethren. We were talked to by Elder Ceballos, Elder Rasband, and Elder Ballard. They talked about how the priesthood holders have a duty to help the missionaries. They talked about how to use facebook to help the missionaries get appointments and help reactivate less active members. Then Elder Ballard talked about the best way to help reactivate somebody. Talk to them. He related some stories as always then asked the question: How many people are going to greet you when you die and thank you for sharing the gospel with them? its a pretty heavy question. It has made me think: Am i doing all i can to share the gospel with others? If not what can i do more? But it was a great talk and hopefully it will help push the work forward here.

Well not much else for this email. Take care and enjoy your week!

Love you All,
Elder Ashworth
We had a flour fight!

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