Friday, February 21, 2014

Full of Service

Family and Friends,

All is going good here in Santiago. The temps are high and the sun is hot but we are having fun. I'm happy with what we are doing but really surprised at how fast this last change has gone. We have changes next Monday and we will see what happens. Congrats to Preston and Chloe for dancing this weekend in Utah and doing great. I hope you both had a fun time. 

As for me im healthy and walking around like crazy. We walk and walk and walk just to show up to a persons door and find out that they forgot that we had a cita and have to come back some other time. But that's the work. Its also difficult to find investigators because every person here is baptized. We will be talking with someone and they say "oh, actually I'm a member of your church but I'm inactive." The missionaries before us baptized everyone and now we get to reactivate everyone. Its a little easier because they have had the lessons and know a little bit about the church. But its still difficult just like any other work.

This last week we had interviews with President Cook and set some new 3 month goals as missionaries. Its great to be able to talk with the mission president like that. Also we spent just about everyday doing service from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon helping a sister build part of her house. The only thing we have left is the roof. Its great to serve people. When you lose yourself in the service of others you are happier. 

Also this last Sunday i gave a talk in sacrament meeting about geneology work and temple work. It was a good experience to get to talk on something i have never talked about before. Also we had a reactivation, Hermano R. He is a great guy with lots of pets and he loves to visit with the missionaries. He is now the Sunday school president in our ward and is working on being sealed to his wife in the temple.

Other then that nothing else really happened. Love you all!
Elder Ashworth

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