Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Months

Dear Family,

Everything is going well here in El Bosque. We have been staying busy and this week flew by. As it is i cant believe that i have 5 months in the mission. The other day somebody ( i think my companion but I'm not sure) asked me how much time i have on the mission. I had to stop and think and came up with 5 months. Its insane how fast the time flies by. The temperatures just keep rising and the sun just beats you down everyday but we keep pushing.

This week we have helped a sister named Hermana Vilchez do some construction on her house because she is older and cant do it herself. We have poured concrete, raised walls, and cleared land. Its really fun and great to help people. I keep learning more and more everyday about the people here and how to love them more and more. Its true that when you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God. When you serve you come to love the people just like your own family. Its a great experience and i recommend it for everyone.

Also this week i had a cool experience with hermano J. He is a reactivation that me and my companion have here in El Bosque. We were talking about ways that we can get more people to be active in the church because he is the Secretary to the Bishop in our ward now and wants to help bring more young people in to the ward. And since I'm one of the young mens counselors we were talking about activities. Well during the discussion he told me "Did you know that the reason that i became active in the church again was because of you?" I was surprised and asked him why. He then told me "It was the scripture that you shared with me the first time that you came to visit me. It was just what i needed at the time. Thank you." It was a really great experience. The scripture that i shared with him was 1 Nephi 7:17. Its about how Nephi prays for strength to break his bonds. It was a testimony that the Holy Ghost can help you know what people need when you don't even know yourself.

Then today we went to Santa Lucia. Its a tourist place that has a huge Flea Market and a castle thing. It was really cool and i will be sending some pictures.

Other then that not much else happened this week. Just a few things that i would like. A recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and a wedding invitation for Samantha because i am now away from the house and need my own :)

Thanks for everything and love you all,
Elder Ashworth

Me and 3 Chileans, one is my companion. The outside pictures are of Santa Lucia, we went there today.

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