Sunday, August 10, 2014

A long week but a good one

Dear Family,

Well, as you all know my P-Day has been changed to Wednesdays. We got it changed so we can go to the temple more often and visit museums and zoos. So we will doing more stuff now to get to know Chile and more about the temples.

As for this week we had a great week. We had tons of people show up to sacrament meeting and stay the whole time. We have been seeing alot of growth in this sector in just the 5 weeks that we have been here. And we still have 7 more weeks to go. 

Yesterday we had a great experience. The first one was that my companion had his first discussion with a Jehovah witness. That's always fun. But the really big on is that we found we a new investigator. 

We were doing contacts and we were both kind of down because nothing had happened all day. Well we knocked on a door and a man comes out wearing a Green Bay Packers hat. SO i start to ask him about the Packers and if he likes them. He said that he lived in the states for 9 years but now lives here in chile. We kept talking to him and then he just opened the gate and said, ¨Enter¨. He then told his family that we were friends. We just taken back that we got into a house that easy. So then we started to speak about the gospel. WE taught the entire lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel and he accepted everything until we said that angels came down from heaven to give the priesthood to Joseph Smith. Because then he had objections the angels cant visit the world and that when we die we are DEAD!! But we shared some scriptures with him from the bible and he said that he will study it out and ask God. After ward we shared a little bit with his family because they gave us once, which is like dinner but very late.(and you pronounce it like the word 11 in spanish). But it was great because he was interested and wants to know the truth. He is an adventista and knows the bible so his questions are really challenging because he knows where to find them in the bible. But that always makes it even more fun. 

Well that was my fun day yesterday.
Elder Ashworth

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