Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Family and Friends,

First off im sorry to hear all about what happened this last week. That Heidi lost her job and has to move. That you guys have to move. That grandma Woolf passed away and that nobody showed up to help you move moms friend. It sounds like it was a tough week but that you all survived it. Also great job on winning during your football camp Preston. i hope that all works out well for you guys.

i will now tell you about my week. First off we couldn't leave the house on Monday or Saturday for the soccer games of Chile, so it was really a bummer that we couldn't go teach. Second, I got changed from my old Sector El Bosque. Im going to Los CastaƱos in a zone called Las Arucarias. I dont have a companion either. I will be receiving my companion tomorrow. He is a new missionary from the MTC. I will be training for the next two changes. And to make things better, im going to a whitewash. Which is where i nor my companion knows the sector so we will both be new in the sector. I will have to find things out for myself. But im really excited for this next change.

Other then that there is no other news. Im doing fine and havent been sick. Still trying to be the best that i can be and help those who i can help. Well thats all i have, so i love you all and have a great week.

Elder Ashworth

P.S. photos will come next week

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