Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A great week!!

Dear Family,

This week was great. We had a lot of success with our investigators and finding new people. Our investigator that is trying to find his answer to the Book of Mormon still hasn't prayed yet but we are trying to animate him to do it. Also we found a new investigator yesterday. He is super ready for the Gospel and was asking us all sorts of questions about the Gospel and told us that he feels that our church is the true church! Super Cool!! He is a great guy and his wife is a less active member. They love the missionaries and are going to teach me how to cook Chilean Food!

Our sector is pretty sweet too. The people are super nice. They all try to talk to us in English. My companion is the bomb. He is an awesome Elder from Kansas and we get along great. We are the only two gringos in our sector so everyone looks us funny. We have 4 missionaries living in our house. Me and my companion and another companionship. Their names are Elder Facal and Elder Bejarano. They are pretty cool too. I think i sent you a picture with the four of us when we went to Cerro Chena. I haven't been too sick and i think i have a cold now but its bearable. Its been pretty cold here and down poured the other day too. We had rivers flowing down the street. Im pretty stoked for my mission and I'm having a great time, As for my friends i really don't email them all too much. I receive emails in a group email but that's all. I've talked to a few of them.

Well that's all that i have for this week. Have a great week and i hope you start to feel better dad.
Love, Elder Ashworth

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