Monday, November 11, 2013

Middle of November! WHAT!

Dear Family and Friends,

¡Santa Vaca! Its already the middle of November and this is my third week in the mission field. Everything is going good down here in the Sur. We have gotten a few new investigators and are still meeting with the less actives and members. Our main goal is to strengthen the wards so we focus alot on the less actives, getting them active again, and the members, keeping them active. So we spend alot of time getting to know the members and encouraging the less active members.

This last week was a crazy one. On friday we went to a colegio (school). it had grades K-12 in it. We gave presentation on the United States. It was so funny to see all the kids with a look of awe in their eyes and you know the thought going through their heads is "GRINGOS!". It was cool to talk to the youth of Santiago and help in their school. Then we raced to a meeting with President Cook. The meeting was for all the newbies in the mission. We talked about what are expectations were and how reality isnt what our expectations were. It was a good meeting. Then Yesterday (sunday) while we were at church the bishop called us into his office and asked us to be couselors to the youngmens president! So yeah, I still get to be in youngmens while serving a mission, BOOYAH!!

I also would like to rub something into all of your faces. Tomorrow we are going to a fireside and at that fireside we will be talked to by, none other then, the big man, JEFFERY R. HOLLAND. Thats right i get to be talked to by Elder Holland or Jeff ( thats what the people call him down here). Im so excited for this opportunity and will share what i learn with you all next week.

As for things in Rexburg, im glad everything is going good with school, dance, and work. I have emailed my friends but havent gotten anything back so i dont know about that one. Sorry to hear its getting cold up there but thats what you get for living in Rexburg. Love you all and thanks for all you do.

Also mom can you get me the recipe for scones because i would have to make them from scratch and the Latinos have never had them.

Love you all,

Elder Ashworth

My new companion and me.

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  1. you're looking and sounding fantastic elder ashworth! luv xo :)