Monday, November 18, 2013

Mixed Emotions

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, im sorry to hear it has already snowed there because we are above 30 degrees celcius every day (which is hot) and it is only going to get hotter. Glad everything is going good and im sorry you are sick again mom. To answer your question daad, I do get to see the kids from the MTC alot becasue our mission is really small and i have a couple in my Zone. Thanks for the pictures they make the day better when i get to see you guys. Oh and Preston, what the heck happened!? The picture of you on the fourwheeler. I had to think twice before i was sure it was you. Your growing up man and im proud of you. Keep up the good work and i love you.

Now im going to start with the bad news. This week sucked. IM not going to sugar coat this week. It was really hard emotionally and spiritually this week. Every appoinment we had planned for the days fell through. We got to teach 3 lessons this week when we had it set up to teach 20. Its just hard here, the people arent home or they are running all over the place because everybody works here. But yeah this week has been ruff but we changed our game plan and are looking forward to a better week.

Now for the good stuff. The week started great with a devotional with Elder Holland. His talk was amazing and he feels very stron about missionary work. He even pounded the podium, it was awesome. He talked about how if the only person we convert on our missions is opurselves then he would consider our mission a success because the saddest thing is to see returned missionaries go inactive. How can someone who served the Lord for two years just leave? Its a great question. He told us that if we ever left the church and he found out he would hunt us down and put pepper in our empanadas. Then he talked about what makes a champion.What makes a champion is "stroke when you dont want to stroke. kick when you dont want to kick". A gold medalist in the olympics for swimming told the press this one line after he won a race. Elder Holland related it to missionary work. We must keep stroking and kicking when we dont want todo it anymore. Then he went into teaching with power and authority. And the last thing he told us was to "Go and asombro somebody!" It was really powerfull. Oh and asombro is astonish.

Then we had interviews with President Cook. They went good and he told he his son (Elder Cook) is in Rexburg right now serving his mission. He is serving spanish speaking and went into Broulims just the other day. He told me to tell you guys to keep on the lookout for his son.

My Spiritual Thought for the week.

I found a Liahona from October 2011 all about the Book of Mormon. I invite all to read it. It was amazing and has made me want to study the Book of Mormon more thoroughly. Because if we DO NOT read and study from the BOok of Mormon daily we will not make it in this life. THings are about to happen that will make things shake alot. If we do not have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon we will not be able to see it through as members of the church. A lot of us would fall away. So i am sending a loving but firm invitation to study and read from the Book of Mormon daily because i dont to see anyone leave this church.

Things are coming to a climax and we need to be ready and prepared for things we have never seen before.

I love you all and wish you luck in all of your endevours,
Elder Ashworth

P.S. I forgot. We had a going away BBQ for a missionary who goes home in two weeks. These are the pictures from today.

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