Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Drop off day and first day

Sept 11, 2013
So the big day arrived and it was time to drop Zach off at the airport. We dropped him off yesterday at the Idaho Falls Airport. When we arrived,  Ashtyn and her Mom were already there. Brianna's Mom, her sister Leah and Jacob were all there too. We got him all checked in and his luggage checked, then we were able to spend the rest of the time with him. We did get some relief when another young elder arrived at the airport and we found out that he was going to the Santiago West Mission. So Zach would not be traveling alone. Things got a little emotional when the time came for him to board the plane, there were quite a few tears shed from everybody present, we stayed long enough to watch him board the plane and for the plane to head for the runway.

While waiting for Zach's plane to leave we then noticed a family coming in with signs for a missionary returning home. We talked to the mom of the returning missionary and found out he was returning from a mission in Chile. What a blessing, the Lord knew we needed to watch the return of this missionary to help us see our future spot in that same place in 2 years when Zach returns.

We got an email form Zach finally at about 1:30 pm. It was awesome to read his great attitude and that he was well. I have attached the email.

How`s it going? I only have a few minutes to tell you that ive arrived safely and that the sunrise on an airplane above the clouds over the Andes was amazing! Its been good so far. Im staying at Alcantara instead of the CCM (MTC) because of the influx of missionarys. Its like a small mansion, its so cool. Sorry, but ill have to answer your email a little later Ashtyn because I dont have the time.
Love you All! May Angels be round about you to bear you up.
Elder Ashworth


  1. So good to hear he got there safe! It sounds like he has been surrounded and uplifted by the awesome!

  2. oh bri, thanks for sharing this with us. luv xo :)