Friday, December 19, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was great. We had some really good lessons and had some more really good divisions. In fact last night we went on divisions again. And i went with a brother in the ward that is in the stake presidency and is really good friends with our investigator. we talked to her about her baptism and how we are going to do it next saturday on the 27th and how she feels about it. She said that she still has alot more to learn. we assured her that we are always learning new things. And then Brother Silva, the member who was with me, told her all about the interview that she has to do and how the missionsry doing the interview wont let her get baptized if he doesnt think she is ready. She was happy about that. Then the brother asked her if the missionary thinks she is ready will she be baptized on the 27th and she said yes. He then set the interview date for this saturday so she can announce it in church if she passes the interview. She was really excited about it and knows that she has help. It was a great testimony of the power and help that members give when we do divisions. I didnt say very much during that time but the member helped her understand and commit to being baptized.

Also this week we had our Capilla Abierta. It started off a little slow and with nobody giving references but in the end it turned out good. We had about 30-40 references and a few were young couples who were really interested. One even asked hwo he can be baptized. So we are excited to go and visit with them. We also got alot of help from the ward members. It turned out great and everybody liked it. 

For service this week we went and helped a sister move from her old house to her new house. She was really happy because she didnt have anybody else to help. Its always great to serve.

This week we had changes but im still in Los Olmos with Elder Peterson. My Saturday went great. We had a Chrsitams devotional with the whole mission. We did service, Ate lunch, watched The Princess Bride, and have talks from President and Sister Cook, and his counselors. Things are going great here. We have lots of support from the members and our investigators are doing well. If all goes well we will havea baptism on the 27th. So the prayers are needed. Her name is Amber. But thats all thats going on this week. Talk to you all on Christmas
I Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS. And talk to you all on Christmas Day!!!!

Love ya`ll,
Elder Ashworth

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