Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was changes and it was a huge surprise. I got changed out of my ward Los cAstaños. I thought i still had 6 more weeks there. But things changed. Im now in the ward Los Olmos which is in my old Zone El Bosque and it touches my last ward boundries. It is a really small mission. Im with a gringo missionary named Elder Peterson. He was also in my groupp in the MTC and i met him in the airport in Utah. So ive just been with the same missionaries that i spent the time in the MTC with. we are having a great time. And we are in a great ward.

Today we went and hiked a mountain that had a tiny waterfall at teh end. It was really pretty. Just a bunch of desert mountains. But hey, At least i got to go to the mountains. But it was very hot today and i have some really pretty pictures but forgot the adapter for my camera in the house. So next time i will send photos. 

Nothing else really hapened this week. But this Saturday we have a meeting with Elder Nelson and other general authorites. It will be a good one. 

And lastly this one is for mom. You are more trunky then i am. It would make someone think that you want me to come home. But i still have 10 more months to go and im going to enjoy every minute of it.
Love you all and have a great week,
Elder Ashworth

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