Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dear family and friends,

Happy Belated Fathers Day!!!!! To the best father in the world!!

Well this last was pretty good. We are still going strong. Except for the fact that we learned that Cristobal moved on Saturday to a different sector which really put a bummer on things. Right after he told us that he was moving my companion said "Well, this sucks. Talk about discouraging." It didnt help that he was/is our only investigator at the moment. But then he told us that he still want the lessons from us so he will be recieveing them in the house of his mother in law and will be attending our ward. So that helped a little bit. we still have him to teach.

Then we had the soccer game of Chile in the world cup. It was crazy. Chile won their game so people were screaming and partying until like 12 at night and the game ended at about 9 oclock. We also couldn't be outside during the game or after so we just sat inside of the house Friday afternoon. But it was ok. 

The only other thing that happened was that i completed 9 months on the mission last Wednesday. Wow! How the time just passes by but i still have awhile to go. 

Thanks for all that you guys do for me and the advice that you give me. And for sharing your experiences with me. Keep going strong and love the Lord.

Love, Elder Ashworth

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