Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Changes Again!!

Hey ya`ll!

Well we had changes again today but i stayed in the same ward and im with the same companion for at least another 6 weeks. Its great this ward is amazing. The people help the missionaries and the bishop is really into the missionary work.

As for our investigator his name is Cristobal and he is progressing really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is really excited about the Gospel. Its great to see how excited he is. I just hope that everything works out and that he can join with us in the church through the waters of baptism and the baptism by fire. It is great to see just how the Gospel changes the lives of the people. 

Im loving it down here and am learning so much. i can see just how the Gospel of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ has shaped my life. And how  it is still shaping my life today. I can see the touch of the Master`s Hand in this work, The Work of Salvation. Sometimes it can be tough but it helps if we just remember that it wasnt easy for Christ when he had to carry his own cross up the hill to be crucified after being whipped. Or how it wasnt easy for Joseph Smith when he was in Liberty Jail and the church was hasving lots of problems. Or even when Joseph died with his brother Hyrum to restore this Gospel that we have on the earth today. The only person that did more more the salvation of man on this earth was Jesus Christ. If it wasnt easy for them, why would it be easy for us? Jeffery R Holland Said, "Salvation is not a cheap experiance." That is why its not easy for us. Hang in there and the blessings of eternal life and exaltation will come.

Love you all and talk to you all next week!
Elder Ashworth

Some local art I found engraved on copper plates.

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